Pallavi Mukherjee is a welcomed change, Founded in the year of 2016, an entertainment portal as well as a bootstrap framework, it serves us daily entertainment news but in the most unique ways! From making them aesthetically pleasing to a variety of unique conceptualized interviews, to keeping in mind that entertainment isn’t all about trashy gossips with sensationalizing and sleazy headlines! This unique content combination is the solely none but, the work of the creatively intelligent leader, Pallavi Mukherjee.

Well, when we asked about what made her take up the line of Bollywood moreover, that in the media industry, she reiterated, “From childhood i had many ambitions, from becoming an astronaut to doing something in fashion to making my own mark in film direction. The last one sticking to me quite a bit, even now. At that time, things didn’t turn out as planned and rather than getting into direction, I had to choose writing.”

Started Career

“Initially, i was a ghost writer, from writing for many big portals to getting myself completely focused into Bollywood streamline writing, I kind of started enjoying my job! It was only then that with my savings i encountered the possibility of starting out my own venture! Well, that’s how Popdiaries was born thereafter.”

Well, no wonder that the company has shown so much potential in such less of a time, since it’s inception! Pallavi Mukherjee indeed, has a firm foothold into the field of content since after her graduation (2013), a span of 7 years. She definitely has a vast experience, what from working in PR companies to top-notch production houses while also, having her practical lessons in content from companies like Thatscoop, Wittyfeed, Bollywood Masti. All this, before she started out her own venture, PopDiaries Pvt Ltd.

Worked with celebrities

This encounter is definitely an eye opener into the world of celebrities and how they’re mostly painted at times. Sometimes, all a person needs is someone else’s belief to strengthen their own. Seems like Pallavi Mukherjee found just that within her mentor, Karan Johar! This creative genius is something to watch out for, and definitely someone who will bring quite the change in our media industry.


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