Parenthood is not a contractual or periodic job. Once you sign up for it, you are in it for the long haul. I realized this when I got kids and my holidays were never going to be the same way again. In this post, I tell other fathers how they can unwind despite the lifetime job they have of fatherhood.

Unlike your 8 to 5 office job, parenthood is timeless. Once you sign up for it, be ready to do it for the rest of your life. You never stop. You simply never stop being a father or a mother. When the kids are tiny, things can get hectic. I only realized this when my son was a toddler and it soon dawned on me that I could no longer stay late in the club, take a whole weekend off with the boys or go to any place I like for the holidays. Every single moment, I have to factor the kids in. However, it is not as black as I might taint it. There are still some joys here and there.

Engage in child-friendly activities and relish the moments

After finding out that I was stuck with the kids for life, I felt that the best thing that I could do to myself was starting to identify with them and engaging in activities that are friendly to them. It is therefore not surprising to find me doing bouncing castles and swings during the December holiday.

My kids also love tech and so they want geeky games and stuff to do when they are tired of outdoor activities. So, you will find us relaxing and playing some of the latest smartphone games and jeering each other when we beat them.

Thankfully, I have been able to get free google play gift cards which allow me to access and buy some the latest best Google play games that are child friendly and really engaging. Other than games, I am a voracious reader and you will often find me reading one inspirational ebook after the other. Before I realized that I could get google play gift cards online on appfun, I used to buy them from brick and mortar stores at Target or Walmart but I am very happy now that one can easily access them on the Internet now.

Go to places that are child friendly

When you have kids, it would imprudent to hang out in clubs or discos that are not child friendly. For one, your children might not pick the best habits from there and there could be all forms of accidents in such places.

As the moral compass for my kids, I always take them to places such as arboretums or family outing gardens, amusement parks, swimming pools where they are able to play and have fun with other kids.

Hang out with other parents

You might not see this as important but the moment you continue hanging out with other single guys and girls, you will only feel inadequate and that you are not enjoying life to the full. Single people will tell you of things that you cannot achieve since achieving them involves leaving out those toddlers and your family. You do not really want that, do you?