I had low-self esteem, and would often think others were much better than me. But, the growing-up process enabled me to overcome preconceived notions. As we grow up, we take different subjects based on our interests and aptitude. Quality of friends is important than quantity, as we are not aware of the other person’s intention towards us. Hence, it is imperative to protect ourselves in times of uncertainty.

we were often told to work hard than smart. However, people discover how to work smart in their respective fields to achieve their goals. Figuring out what we are good at can instill confidence even if others try to shatter our confidence. I feel being different from peers is good quality, instead of following them even in professions that don’t suit our interest or aptitude.

I have also learned that failures are not negative, being rejected can redirect anyone to the best offers, whether in the personal or professional sphere. Failure is a learning experience, the more we learn and practice, the more we gain proficiency or mastery over a skill, hence failure is as necessary as success Failure teaches more lessons than success, as success can trick us of overconfidence or not failing.

We may have deeply ingrained beliefs as we are influenced by peers at school, college, or work. Developing a good insight and discovering what sets us apart can etch apt goals and help us accomplish the same.

Childhood beliefs or any belief can be changed consciously with practice, and enable us in achieving success in our endeavors.