Pascal Bachmann never thought he’d be where he is today. Bachmann, born and raised in Switzerland, had a difficult childhood and grew up in foster homes. At 18 years old, being fascinated with martial arts, he became a professional Thaiboxer and was committed to becoming a world champion. However, this dream was shattered after a major accident. This pushed Pascal to rethink his life and create a new vision. 

While recovering from his injury, Bachmann became interested in Eastern therapies specializing in Chinese Medicine, which later led him to become a Health Coach. Over the past 25 years, Bachmann has been building his career as an entrepreneur and has established 7 businesses, with a combined value of over $20 million. Through his work, Pascal has been able to help more than 20,000 clients transform their lives into one of great health, happiness, success, and wealth. As Bachmann shares, 

“I believe that as an entrepreneur you have an inner desire that you can not – not do. You just have to do it. So it was mainly my desire to contribute my part to make this world a better place. With the talents and experiences that I have developed over the years, to give back and to help other doers how to achieve health, success and wealth in their lives.” 

Becoming a Health Coach was a calling for Bachmann. It was not something that he simply decided to do, but instead something he was guided towards. Over the years, his friends, business associates, and clients always went to him for advice in all areas of life. He noticed his positive impact on people, and gradually realized that this was the value that he could give to the world. 

“I’m extremely motivated by the feeling of satisfaction that I get from seeing my friends and business associates succeed in their lives as a result of working together. I see the need for personal development. There’s so many things going on in the world, and a large amount of the society proves that they are not able to handle the challenges. They need coaches; leaders who empower and educate them in how to master whatever it is. I learned early that if you want your business to grow, you as a person need to grow,” states Pascal. 

Bachmann notes that in order to be a successful entrepreneur, you need more than just an idea. In fact, Bachmann sees having the necessary capital, knowing the value you provide, knowing who your clients or audience are, and having a marketing strategy, all as necessary requirements. As he states,

“After knowing what YOU really want, what your purpose is and after having the clarity on HOW to build your business, one of the biggest challenges is to know your own skills and to delegate what someone else can do better than you. Beside having the clarity you need to have the best “package” or have access to the missing item. Often entrepreneurs don’t realize that it needs more than just an idea, a vision, or a discovered passion to build a business.”

As an award winning international speaker, the Covid-19 outbreak definitely had an impact on Bachmann’s business, as he has needed to cancel 6 events so far. However, other opportunities have arisen. In fact, the impact that the pandemic has had on people further confirms the need for coaches on how to cope with and react to difficult situations. 

“They need strategies that work not only during a crisis like COVID-19, but also with normal everyday life.  If you have the right strategies, nothing is a problem.  It all is just a situation that requires a solution. Every challenge becomes doable,” Pascal explains. 

This year, Bachmann will be focusing on his online presence by providing value in how to achieve health, success, and wealth. Given Bachmann got most of his clients through word of mouth in the past, he is working on becoming more accessible to other entrepreneurs so that they can benefit from his experiences and ideas. Furthermore, one of his main goals in 2021 is to coach 20 “goal-getters” personally for a whole year and guide them to reach the next level. 

“It wasn’t until I became an entrepreneur, that I learned that there are no limits if you believe it is possible in your mind,” states Pascal. 

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  • Sofia Vargas

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