Also, child sex trafficking, harvesting money and androchrome in order to stay healthy, rich and young. It’s enough, we know the truth. 

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Photo by Gokil This is from Batam City, Indonesia. 

Yep, while the world is getting worse, the wealthiest males are benefitting from inequality and abusing their power over women, children, and minorities. Those who are voiceless are suffering and dying more during a world pandemic. 2020 is the most exhausting, draining and deadly year for most of us.

I’m not saying that all men are bad, I love men and those who go above and beyond for their women, sisters, mothers, I see you. Not all fall into the “system”. However, if you are a male reading this, you also should know and be very aware of how you, in your workplace, applying to get a new apartment or planning to buy a house, applying for a new job, getting whatever you want, is readily available to you just because you are a man. Moreso, if you are a white man.

Others get more by silently using violence and abuse towards women or their children. The fear that runs deeper than systemic racism is older than 400 years. It’s so toxic that now we are finally awake to recognize this during a world pandemic and we are experiencing a racism awakening. That sexism and patriarchy are one. That capitalism exists and is able to survive, and continue to create chaos, destruction, war and death. It’s because the main function of this entire “system” is designed by white supremacists, patriarchs and narcissistic abusers who were/are still now racist AF.

It all started with a bunch of documentaries on Netflix that we all watched during quarantine. We educated ourselves, watched less news, practised more self-care, tried to rest (most of us can’t even afford to, but we try), we dug deeper into what’s really going on and read more books. Before quarantine, we learned about the Harvey Weinstein Trial. Epstein was finally caught and then “killed himself” before he was going to be convicted. The R.Kelly trial, documentary and finding those videos…we all have access to enough evidence for this guy to rot in jail. Or honestly, my personal opinion, Harvey, Epstein and Kelly should have their balls cut off. Some may say it’s inhumane, well, so is a grown man putting his wiener on a little child’s private parts. 13–15 years old, that’s still a child, let alone forcing them into marriage. That’s patriarchy BS, I don’t care what anybody has to say. Then, we find out that R.Kelly’s trial is still being delayed and that to this day, he still holds power over women and is still making money while he’s in jail. Oh, and he was found not guilty even though we all know he really is.

Then, finding out all the victims from the #metoo movement, more evidence is starting to surface about Epstein Island and Maxwell’s involvement, to all the others who were also guests of these so-called “Cult party rituals”, getting children (underage girls and boys), sexually abusing them and doing all kinds of atrocities to them that we probably can’t even imagine. To the survivors who are finally coming forward, you are so brave, and just know that this was not your fault. Forcing someone to have sex, is rape. Period.

I’m literally not in as bad a place as I thought I might be. I mean I don’t live with cockroaches anymore. That’s a win! But I’m living and learning through not having a permanent address yet. And literally, I’m on my 154th refused apartment application in the last 2 months (today I got another refusal because the landlord does not want kids in the building anymore), and I’m still being denied the opportunity to fill out other applications to at least get a chance, just like everyone else who applies. An equal right, to at least be able to fill an application for a potential place to live with my daughters.

Some tenants let me fill up the application but they don’t even take the time to let me know that I wasn’t accepted. Others stay with the deposit money, even though you have to guess that the application was refused. They don’t believe that a single mom, woman, latina has her own business and is self-employed. They ask me to show them my personal bank account and my business account before I’m even halfway done with the application. Even on the phone, they haven’t met me yet, but just because I say “I’m a single mom, with two toddlers and I’m self-employed”, they denied me the simple act to even go see the apartment. Therefore, as a result, looking for a place to live is like trying to find a needle in a crowded gentrificated, privileged and prejudiced haystack.

This is a systemic racism, sexism, and patriarchy cocktail male party that they forgot to teach women. But hey, ladies, sending you positive vibes and hoping you send me some too. Feminine spirit guidance and luck in finding a place to live so I can continue writing, creating more content for you all, editing podcast episodes, writing more books and poems and getting them ready to publish already! (been writing and editing any chance I get) Been working on my paintings and designs (working on my online store any chance I get, soon collaborating with other artists) and just creating and helping others on their journeys. Whether it’s with writing, content creation, design, painting, photography and brand/marketing consulting. For now, I’ll be working from my sister’s, looking for more apartments, and working on raising loving and educated daughters. Thank you all for your support, subscribing, liking, commenting, sharing our work and helping a single mom sustain my daughters’ future.

I’ve been asked if I could mentor or coach, and the answer is: I would love to teach and make people laugh one day. So if that’s related to mentoring then count me in. However, since I’m not yet an expert at these traits (work in progress) I’ll make it a challenge of mine to work on, in the future months after my parenting book is published (announcing date soon). For now, I’ll be updating you all through here and on WritersYep.

Either way, enough about how my life sucks because I know others have it way worse. Especially children living in vulnerable conditions and being traded, abused, sex trafficked and forced into slave labor.

Now in Quebec, children are forced to go back to school, or youth services will be knocking on our doors if our healthy children are not going to school in the middle of a pandemic (already the city is getting ready for a second wave). Meanwhile not even private schools (which FYI half of our taxes go to), can make sure the children are safe. Can you imagine public schools? But yes, they simply don’t care about our kids. I recently did a live giving some tips and asking for other parents and teachers to reach out.

I’ll be releasing another video blog about how I’ve been training and helping my girls get ready for what’s to come and to expect. Teaching them survival tips to stay alive going to school in the middle of a world pandemic is traumatic and they don’t have the ability, as we had a lifetime to cope with dumb stuff. Children, teens and those going to school and working at the same time, right now, are having a much harder time making it out alive, mentally, emotionally and physically than we all did 20–50 years ago. Let’s be realistic here and keep in consideration our children’s wellbeing, for once. We are the by-product of our ancestors, but we can change the pattern. It’s always been our choice. The question is, which side of history would you be on in the next decade?

They need us all to get back to slave working regardless of the consequences and the psychological trauma that most kids, teachers and staff will endure in the next months. Nobody is talking about what kind of mental health support will be given to those faced with the fact that their teachers, friends and staff, could get the virus and then 14 days later, realize that they didn’t survive. Also, who is in charge of hiring these so-called “monitors” that we parents have to pay extra for in order for them to watch over our kids during lunch time only? The rules and plans (so vague and disregarding of children rights it’s scary) have been put out there, along with a recent open letter that reveals that 151 doctors and physicians strongly oppose sending kids to school and that online courses should be a priority.

Back-to-school plan inadequate, Montreal doctors and scientists say in letter to Quebec

But it is mandatory that kids stay away from each other, stay and eat their lunch at their desks the whole day like prisoners. The US right now and how they are handling school openings can give us all a very clear indication of where we will be in the number of deaths in the next few months before this year ends. This whole year has already been traumatic for most of us. Now, we are enforcing more trauma in order to get people to pay bills and value money more than their health and their families. Great fucking system and city…not really.

On Sunday, Quebec reported 74 new COVID-19 cases, bringing the total number of infections in the province to 61,673.

The provincial Health Department added one more death for which the date was unknown to bring that total to 5,740. The province says 54,682 people have recovered from the virus.

Hospitalizations were down seven to 117, of which 14 remain in intensive care — a decrease of two from the previous day. Here are the stats, which you should also pay attention to (surprisingly the city that has the highest taxes in Canada, can’t be held accountable to proper data records) these stats are late and there is a lot of inconsistency…

This is why diverse race data is also important. There is a big gap between those who can afford to work from home and those who can’t due to working in essential services. Or they are parents who have children with disabilities, people with chronic illnesses, people who live with mental illness but can’t afford not to go to work. The racial disproportion and inequality can be crystal clear if data were actually properly done and distributed to its citizens. It is us humans paying taxes right? Let’s not forget that the government works for us. We are the people and we need to use our voices. Especially now, let’s speak for those who are voiceless while we still can.

My team and I are very grateful for and proud to support an initiative and platform designed for the people and it can be contributed to by the people. Montreal businessman, founder of Influence Orbis and really good friend, Thierry Lindor, has collaborated with the Federation of Black Canadians (FBC) and the Cote-des-Neiges Black Community association (CDNBCA) to launch Colors of Covid — diverse data matters.

This was a response to the absence of race-based data that I’ve mentioned above that is not clear in the Quebec Covid-19 status online. This digital solution was created by Lindor’s team and it takes a few minutes to answer the questionnaire, which combined with a geo positioning algorithm, can collect valuable data information regarding the lives of individuals in Canada’s most vulnerable and marginalized communities right now. This is why I’m inviting you all (if you live in Canada) to take 2 mins of your time and do this survey:

Image credit: The Color Of Covid.

“Join us in holding our elected officials accountable by painting a clear picture of the most vulnerable and voiceless members of our society.”

 – Manifesto of Colors of Covid

It’s just reality that the most wealthy people who are involved don’t want you to believe or see what’s really going on. It’s sad that most conspiracy theories are true but they are called “fake lies”, so people don’t feel uncomfortable or so their “fake reality bubble” doesn’t burst by the realization that we are not as free as we are all led to believe. Unless you are a millionaire and have been building wealth for yourself before this year, you are not free and unfortunately, these systems were designed that way in order for a part of the population to benefit more than another part. That’s inequality, mixed with white supremacy, racism and sexism = capitalism. Perhaps this chart can explain it better than words:

 Do you see why we need to decolonize our minds, parenting, education, fucking fight for human rights in order to move on and create economic, social and equal opportunities for all and build more unified communities (defund the police) as humans living on this planet? 

Equality, Black Lives Matter, Diversity Data, Climate change and Basic Human Rights movement; it’s what we are fighting for this year since COVID-19 started. 

“Anti-racism work takes more than six months of performance. It’s a daily practice. It’s a constant reflection upon the way we walk through the world and how we see ourselves and others in it.” by Elyse Cizek from No, The BLM Movement is Not a Cover-Up for Elite Child Sex Trafficking, MaybeYou’re Just Racist. (Amazing, healing and educational read highly recommend). 

Photo by Tess 

Which Populations Are Most Vulnerable to the Coronavirus Pandemic?

Women are most affected by pandemics — lessons from past outbreaks

Most conspiracy theories are actually mostly true… Especially the ones that we will NOT believe humans are capable of. Those are the ones that we say “Well, it’s not happening here, so it’s not my problem”. Just like when we were asked to wear a mask in order to keep others and yourself safe. It’s a lot for some people to be kind, have empathy and be less of an ass. It’s just easier to blame and not look within ourselves too. Let’s remember, that white supremacy and systemic oppression are not conspiracy theories. That change can only happen by taking small actions, looking within, and finding ways to understand our own personal (internal) obligations, duties, privileges and mistakes. But more importantly, once you start checking in with your own bias and healing from past traumas (working process), you will recognize that we are all capable of evil as we are of doing good. I believe that some people have lived in their own comfortable ignorance for so long, that their privilege and power keeps them in the comfort of self-righteous individuals. And those who inherited more money, it’s just a bonus. Because let’s keep things clear. Money can be good but it also can corrupt and change a person.

I know there is a saying that people don’t change. Well, let me tell you that’s the biggest lie that person is telling you, because people absolutely change if they didn’t work for their money or they made themselves millionaires. However, I know that most people can’t control themselves. “I can’t help myself… Here’s $20 bucks and let me touch you down there..” Or “Here is $50 for that 16 year old for one night, and here another $20 for you to keep this quiet”. Or “I have never had sexual relations with that woman”… But it turns out he did and also raped teenage girls on Epstein Island. But it’s all conspiracy theories right?

Racism is so deeply rooted in our society, that it’s going to take us a while to dismantle and recognize our own white washing, supremacy and racism education that we were taught. I hope schools and history books are already being re-made and re-written. If not, well, let’s start a petition for that, yes? I have written about it here. It’s never too late to re-learn and adjust to the new information being provided. I know I still have a lot to work on too. Always question and do your own research. But I will suggest learning how to listen. Grateful for my daughters for this. I’m learning through homeschooling my girls, the skill of listening to understand. And that life lessons and real life education starts from home. That’s why parenting is hard. Because it is work that forces us to work from within and out. Our children show us what we often do, and don’t want to be reminded of, but we must. Kids are authentically and unapologetically themselves. They are not conditioned unless we and external outcomes affect them.

Inequality + Privilege

There are things I’ve been finding in my semi-homeless journey (living with my little sister until further notice, glad your reading up to this point 🙂). That a lot! Of us get and benefits plus privilege from inequality. That you get a lot of amounts of opportunities than other people don’t have just because of the color of your skin. Simple… how insane is that? Right?!

Well, is harder when you have to explain it to your own light skin siblings, cousins, family and friends and they still don’t get what you are talking about when you explained your experiences as a brown-skin-dominican women and now single mom. 

We are one, we have red blood and we are all born alone and die alone. So might as well try to figure shit out soon because pretty soon, we are all going to be forced to work, our children are going to be forced into prison schools and police brutality is increasing while we are all trying to survive a worldwide pandemic. Also, we are being deprived of online school. Instead we are opening schools because some parents can’t handle working and homeschooling their kids. Others cannot afford it, others are out of jobs and need to find time to work in order to pay bills and bring food to the table. In other words, have self-discipline and teach it to your kids. Or the government should use part of our tax money and create an assistance program in the meantime, an aid system for parents who can’t work from home (essential workers and doctors) and need someone to watch over the kids and make sure they do their online classes. But no, in reality most parents here in this city, are narcissistic abusers taught by their predecessors.

Montreal mother charged with second-degree murder after six-year-old daughter stabbed This is the 11th homicide of the year in Montreal”… 

Therefore, slaves for the elites to keep getting richer while the poor are suffering, dying, and essential workers are getting poorer thinking about whether their life will get any better or will they advance. It’s hard. Reality and the pain is hard to deal with so we should look away and find something else to entertain our minds… Keep the distractions, narcissistic ignorance, and privilege at all costs because it’s not personal. It’s just business and money, right?

When is it enough?

That’s what we should ask the greediest people in the world right now. They know they are and they need you distracted and not focused on taking their money to stop hunger and poverty. To help those in need when you know and the whole world knows how much you have in your bank account… While we also know how much it costs to eradicate inequality, hunger, poverty, child sex trafficking, reduce the number of suicides by providing mental health support services during these times… nah, it’s not their problem. Meanwhile, we are the ones that make all these corporations, brands we love… we just can’t help ourselves. That’s prejudice +privilege = White supremacy + mental slavery.

These moments right now are our history, which is being recorded and written, because it’s time to correct and unlearn BS taught by a bunch of dudes who where disgusting rapists and murders but they have money, so they also paid or wrote themselves history books and corrected what really happened in the past and with our ancestors. It’s a discovery and a journey to still dig and do what’s right. Write it how it was supposed to be and re-write the truth even if it makes others uncomfortable. We need to know the consequences of letting patriarchy, white supremacy, and secret “cults” run the world and decide the fate of people’s lives. That some humans deserved better than others and created a competition mindset so deep that we divided and degraded our own human rights for more profit and a planet running out of its resources ahead of time. Climate change is making its mark while we are also surviving a pandemic and the sad but true story of the aftermath of colonialism, white supremacy, racism and capitalism. These are dug deep, and we must take our own scissors and start digging and cutting out these beliefs embedded within us. We have to. Humans and those who are voiceless depend on it. Remember, individualism is a lie and some people benefit and profit from those lies we tell ourselves and let others believe. Equality, health, safety (community — enough of the police brutality. It’s time to defund police and invest in the people) and better education are basic human rights. Black, Indigenous, Latino, Asian, Trans, LGBTQ+, people with disabilities, Black-Brown women and childrens lives matter. They always have and always will. Stay awake and real. 

Hope this helps, stay safe, wear your masks, be kind to your planet, to YOU and to OTHERS.

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