The art of expression is one of the most fundamental aspects of human nature. People choose to express themselves in a variety of ways. From the car you drive, to the interiors of your home, or your favourite perfume, each person has a unique sense of style. Patrick Matamoros found a unique way to express himself- through his passion for vintage t-shirts. He uses his unique skill-set to help dress some of the biggest names in Hollywood, allowing them to express themselves flawlessly, through the clothes that they wear.

Patrick firmly believes that clothes form an intrinsic part of who you are. It defines your nature, your personality and how you choose to be perceived by those around you. He explained further, “What you choose to wear, defines who you are. It is an extension of your inner self, and that’s exactly what I help my clients do, I help them find a piece that is best suited to their personality as well as the occasion in question.” From live concerts, to band tours, to personal daily wear, Patrick’s t-shirts have dressed some of the biggest names and have been on extraordinary journeys of their own.

Patrick believes that old truly is gold and that’s how he looks at vintage tees as well. Through his brand Saint Luis, he curates only the best and provides his clients with a rare and unique medium which serve as the ultimate form of expression. Patrick explained, “My clients simply want the best. They want to wear something that’s synonymous with who they are because it defines them! That’s the essence of the work I do.”

Patrick Matamoros has a deep rooted passion for collecting, acquiring and curating the rarest and most valuable vintage t-shirts in the world. Though he started his journey from humble beginnings, his talent and passion quickly earned him a stellar reputation and some of the biggest celebrities of Hollywood, who are now loyal customers. Having worked with the likes of Kanye West, the Kardashians, Rihanna, Pharrell Williams and several others, Patrick has come a long way in his career. He has never concerned himself with advertising, and yet he is the only one that people turn to when they want nothing but the best. Having built his empire purely through word of mouth and personal references, the in-demand entrepreneur is content with pursing his passion, while the rest of it just falls into place.

Patrick does manage to escape his hectic routine to spend quality time with his family, especially his son, De Los Santos Luis, whom he named his brand after. He ditched the idea of opening a signature store for Saint Luis, instead choosing to spend his time on the move as he explores new places and continues his quest to find the best vintage t-shirts that the world has to offer.

While Patrick continues to dress the most affluent celebrities in Hollywood, the message he spreads, remains the same- clothes make the man. While he remains grounded, humble and focused, all of his clients continue to love and respect the work he does.