There are lots of hard-working people in the world. Some of them are quite rich too. But there are only a few who feel like having fulfilling and rewarding lives. There are times when, no matter how hard or how often we try, we seem to be hitting the wall or plateauing. It does not feel like we are getting any results or results that matter. In these circumstances, it is easy to fall into the trap of blaming others or the outside world for all the challenges we face. How can one deal with this dilemma? Paul Redding, a first-rate Life Purpose Coach and entrepreneur talks about his experience and his approach to tackling the issue. 

First, it is important to understand that a good result is not always and necessarily the financial one only. “Abundance doesn’t just mean financial wealth, abundance means wealth in all areas of your life financially, psychologically, physiologically, and spiritually,” Paul explains. Indeed, it is this combination, this balance of multiple factors that can lead to fulfilling and rewarding life experiences. 

Second, doing the same thing over and over again makes sense (practice makes perfect, as the saying goes), but only so much and so long. Once you find yourself locked in the vicious cycle of daily activity that fails to improve results while being increasingly demanding. This is when the more effort stops equaling the better results. Having experienced this himself, Paul thinks that once we start feeling like we’re stuck, time is ripe for making a life-changing shift to find the true purpose of life in our quest for self-discovery and personal growth. This is when we need to start unlearning our old ways of doing things, opening ourselves up to new ways, and getting out of our comfort zones. As Paul recalls, “I quickly realized that in order to live life on my own terms, I would have to leave the life I knew, face the unknown, bet on myself and transform my habits, thoughts, and beliefs. Although terrified, I left my not so lucrative career behind, got out of my comfort zone, and committed to doing ANYTHING necessary to reach my goals.”

Third, the problem is not always and necessarily in the outside world. More often than not, it is hidden in our mindset. It is the extent to which we come to grips with the ways to which our thoughts guide or misguide us that determines the degree of success. According to Paul, “life has never been the same since I learned and understood the laws and principles that govern my mind. And when it comes to manifestation, people either understand how to manifest things into their life or they don’t know how, so they think it doesn’t work.”  To this end, we need to start building a strong understanding of energy, our paradigm, and the connection to our higher spiritual form so that we do not miss the opportunities life has to offer.

As a professional, Paul Redding is offering a range of services as a Life Purpose Coach. Paul knows what this struggle is about, he knows what it takes to find the true purpose of life. He is here to help you find one too.  

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