Somehow, this COVID-19 catastrophe appears both a blessing and a curse. But, while my heart certainly goes out to those suffering and leaving us, I choose to see it more as a blessing—simply, because I see it “causal.”

In a world of duality, positive and negative (good and bad), there can be many ways to be in our momentariness. Quite, simply, we can be present with it or in the mind i.e. frankly, not with it.

We can be ‘out of it’ and worried, fearful, off our center; and we can be with it; choosing to take precautions, but not exactly “worrisome.”

We equally can take refuge and provide self-care, but not “worry.”

We can be with the moment, trusting the frenzy will pass. That there is a possible degree of hysteria over-and-above the advice, measures of precaution. We can find peace, using peace to prepare us for the times forward.

We are engaged in a world where we have little choice, except the choice of how to respond. This is actually a large choice, and because of that humanity is capable of rising through this (as it proves) and all adversity. But, first, we must be with ourselves.

So the collective pause beckons pause for individuals.

The collective as a function of the individual, we can tune in to ourselves, our presence, and check in honestly. Are we okay? Are we not? Have we been all along…?

Honesty is our means to move the world into a better place.


Pains and ills are parts of each of our lives, as we quest for the ultimate state of peace.

But through this quest, our momentary understanding of ourselves is the basis for this for our peace and forward stride.

A magical site in the Pacific, photo by the author.

The World

The world has a lot going for it, as we can all perhaps agree? (let’s agree on something) Especially in today’s era, when disruption is taking place to solve unprecedented challenges of the modern age: climate change, societal equity, human rights, and others of equal gravity.

We still possess hierarchical structures and systems and navigating this is a challenge, but we can all salute the notion that society operates more bottom-up and non-traditional and these forces are shaping new systems and thought. We are experiencing much collaboration, whether this operates informally or formally in nature.

Pause, Reflect. Today and now.

So most of us want to move in a better direction (Yes? Yes!) And, certainly each one of us in unique ways has our roles to play in shape-shifting ourselves and it, both.

Pausing and reflecting to understand ourselves, and what we have to offer is the foundation. It precedes the shift into action, which I believe are the “Shift and Become” states, and ensures our dedication to understanding ourselves and desired contribution first.

So begin with addressing your current state with utmost honesty. Are you in your purpose, Dharma? Is everything alright? What is required to shift? What can I learn from this current place in time?

We are in the cocoon.