Call me old school, but I learned everything I needed to about creating not one but several six & multiple six-figure businesses by reading £10 books.

I’m continuously asked what my secret is, yet I’ve openly admitted to having no secrets? I read & I implement.. that’s it.

My genuine belief is that in this whirlwind online space of opportunity, people do not lack resources. The answer to any burning question you have is available for free somewhere on the internet. What people actually lack is resourcefulness, and even parting with 5 figures for someone’s expert knowledge won’t remedy that.

A resourceful individual can problem solve, overcome difficulties, come up with new ways of working, think creatively and adapt quickly. A person lacking in resourcefulness cannot.

Knowledge alone is not power, you can have access to every available resource under the sun, but if you aren’t resourceful, it’s fruitless.

Think of your resourcefulness as a muscle that needs stretching and strengthening continuously. No pain, no gain.

Start with self-reliance and your ability to problem-solve. Step out of your comfort zone and work on something outside of your area of expertise, the more uncomfortable you are, the harder you will need to work, really giving your resourcefulness a good work out.

Technology gives my muscles a flex, I upgraded my resourcefulness by figuring out how to solve technical problems that I had always outsourced due to wanting to stay in my “I’m a technophobe” bubble. When I burst my bubble, I was able to develop my business in ways that had previously alluded me.

The answer to the technical question was ALWAYS available to me, what I worked on what was my ability to power through the obstacles and difficulties to find my way forward.

Next, pursue activities that allow you to develop and nurture your creativity. By saying “I’m not creative” you are also saying that you cannot problem-solve. You can problem-solve, you just need to work on it. 

To improve your creativity, allow yourself to be more open and curious to new ideas, concepts and experiences. To be open is to reject less and therefore to develop more.

Ask more questions, talk to yourself if necessary! Ask your mind and your memory for more answers, they are in there you just need to bring them to the forefront. If I’m struggling to find creative answers, I do a visualisation technique that further stretches the muscle, I imagine I’m someone else.

I once read that different people from different walks of life would each solve the same problem in a different way, so when I’m developing my creativity, I imagine myself stepping into the shoes of several others whilst visualising how they may think, act and respond.

I have also trained my mind with the “Six Thinking Hats” technique by Edward de Bono, again which I learned from reading books.

The key here isn’t the knowing, it is NEVER in the knowledge alone. The doing, the practising and the pushing through your blocks, that’s where the magic is.

If you are on a merry-go-round of paying repeatedly for knowledge and not moving forward, I ask you this… Do you really need any more resources? Or do you simply need to spend some time learning how to be more resourceful?