The only thing that deserves our true vigilance.

We cannot seek peace for ourselves alone. Peace is of God and, therefore, for all of His children. Think for a moment of all those you hold a grievance with. Can you wish for them to attain the same peace you seek for yourself? Each one that we have a grievance with becomes a block to our peace, joy, bliss, and awareness of God’s love for us.

Can we surround them with the light of our love and wish for them the same joy that we seek ourselves? If the answer is no, it is because we have chosen to keep the love within us hidden and blocked off.

The gift of God’s love cannot move beyond our un-forgiveness. Our unwillingness to forgive is a choice we make against God. We tell ourselves that our anger is justified, that we have a right to be angry with our abusers. We can explain, no offense, grievance, or desire for anyone to be harmed in any way and be served, because no wish of ill to another will ever improve our higher good.

We must ask; Why do we lack the desire to forgive, instead it is; Why do we not choose God?

Why would we not choose forgiveness? Choosing against forgiveness and choosing against peace are the same. There is only one real reason, fear, and yet, it comes in many forms and is supported by many justifying stories. These stories appear to be highly personalized to each individual. Our personal stories are individualized. Our perception of our story builds our personality. To allow our perception of our story to go without being checked only supports the separation, and we cannot know detachment and peace simultaneously. To challenge our perceptions and question the story behind the story is where genuine connection begins. ‘Your true healing lies in identifying with your sameness.’ Still, the purpose of our personal stories is universal, separation, division, isolation, and a block for the connectivity that empowers us to become the masters of our own lives, the authors of our own story.

Our stories are like a two-edged sword serving two masters; on the one hand, we use them to identify, connect, and find hope. On the other hand, we use them to separate, disconnect, and wall off. We become connected through our stories but within our separate pods. The story behind the stories will bring us into connection with ALL people. In this authentic connection, we find peace, and all separation is an invitation to war. The story behind the story; ‘We are all one in the eyes of God.’

Investigation of our fear of forgiveness is paramount, and it is a necessity for finding the truth. Why do we fear forgiveness? One reason, we mistakenly view forgiveness as weakness and therefore resolve that it would leave us vulnerable to harm. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Authentic forgiveness is incredibly empowering. It softly whisks away any idea of victimhood. To eliminate any notion of being a victim is to reclaim our God-given power. A soft gentleness accompanies the remembrance of our power, and gentleness combined with power induces confidence of spirit and reassurance that no fear can derail. Life without fear is a life of peace.

Our fears of Love, Peace, and Joy are intense. We interpret each of them to place our real identity at risk because they do put the way we have perceived ourselves at risk.

I will close and leave you with this first question in your investigation process. Does the way you perceive life and all things in it bring you the peace you truly desire? If not, now is the time to ask more questions.