My daughter has been the proud owner of two chickens for the past five years. She showed them in the 4-H fairs and has truly adored them. Back in November, one of her beloved feathered friends walked over the rainbow bridge, leaving behind one lonely chicken. 

Chickens need friends or they become lonely and depressed.

Exclamie moped around the coop and longed to just be held by my daughter. She was sad and grieving and just so desperately wanted
a friend again.

A few weeks ago, we found her some friends and thought she would be really happy.

However, what we have experienced over the last 2 1/2 weeks is something that has entirely baffled me and, of course, led me to reflect on how this shows up in our own personal life. 

When we introduced our 5-year-old Exclamie to the precious 4-month-old and 1-year-old, Pepper & Pearl, she chased them into corners and viscously pecked them until we broke it up. This is how chickens establish dominance and the pecking order within the coop.

I can tell you as an empath, it is awful to watch.

The five-year-old chicken who is 3x the size of the other chickens pecked the little chickens and ran them out of the coop. The littles have literally been afraid for their lives, rightfully so. The crazy part is that the babies are not trying to take over and there is an abundance of food and water. 

Exclamie is the only one who believes these babies are a threat. 

She perceives these babies as a threat to her 5-year-old power and to her food and warm shelter. However, there is plenty of food, water, shelter and love to go around. 

There is no threat. 

But that is not what Exclamie perceives so it does not matter. 

How often have you perceived a threat when there really wasn’t one?

Have you ever made up a story in your head that someone was your enemy when that could not have been further from the truth? 

Our perception creates our world. 

Our filter of perception is often clogged by our stagnant energy. 

When the energy centers in our body are clear and vibrant, our perception of people and situations becomes clearer. 

When our energy is clear, we are able to assess people and situations from a more neutral state.

When we strengthen and maintain our connection to the Divine, all other relationships and situations fall into place. We rest in a place of knowingness that there doesn’t need to be a pecking order.

There is no lack.

We are all Divinely provided for in every moment of each day. 

In this week’s meditation, Pecking order is a real thing, we dive into our inner workings to explore how we might be creating these perceptions that are causing such havoc in our lives.

You create the world that you believe is true.

Join me in knowing that you are safe; you are secure and you are abundantly provided for and adored.