In the age of the millennia, we are obsessed with the fast-paced, tech-driven life bringing comfort to us at every level. However, like everything comes with a price, our modern lives are being pestered due to mental health issues. Every day we wake up and move on with our lives, keeping anxiety and depression under the veil, which according to a report by the World Health Organisation affects more than 56 million people in India.

The frequent trips to counsellors, psychiatrists that take our time and money, may not be able to relieve us of the unnerving state of our mind and body. However, here’s a thing that can actually do wonders for your cognitive health, and that is penning down your mind through blogs.

The stigma attached to getting mental aid, or the time and efforts taken, etc, wouldn’t be something to worry about when you create your own journals or blogs. 

Not just sharing your experiences with others, but also hearing out the stories of other people through blogs and posts, would ultimately help you know yourself better. Your writing passion, stemming from your experiences and perspective will be lifted once you start blogging.

A blog can literally be the most rewarding thing one can create. Putting your thoughts down in the form of a blog can not only prove to be cathartic but also therapeutic. According to Cross barriers, it can even inspire millions to undertake a noble cause. Telling about a particular problem or letting your readers know how a particular state or condition has been turning out for you would eventually help more people than you think. Central to the process is the chance for you to explore writing and shape your own story.

Cross Barriers’s – #MentalWellness Awareness Campaign

The benefits of indulging in expressive arts such as writing, blogging, etc have not been unfamiliar to us. Even doctors documented its psychological benefits such as less over-thinking, reduced levels of anxiety or depression, etc.

The touted healing benefits that come with writing about traumatic and stress-led experiences are profound. Not just that, write often to release any negative or positive feeling, expression that lies within you and your head starts feeling light already!

Mental health isn’t one size that fits all, rather it is multi-dimensional. A blog is your playground, where you can write about whatever interests you and stimulate your mind, snubbing the rest. Be inspirational, be yourself as a blog is just another manifestation of your personal expression.

Not only can blogging be your personal escape from the monotonous world, it can also be a medium for you to be valiant and expressive. If you want to take your flair for writing to the next level, a self-hosted blog with an authentic vision, and your own domain name is a good way to proceed. Turn it into a professional blogging platform that will help you earn while doing what you love.

Blog your way to self-fulfillment

Blogging is more than just writing, it can turn out to be your way to self-discovery. Talking about things that resonate with your mind and heart, while taking into consideration its relevance, will lead you to self-fulfillment.

The online medium has transcended borders, connecting people across the globe. With the power of blogging, you have the ability to change yourself and others around you. This also makes you feel more connected than ever before. When you feel like your voice matters, the sense of empowerment and importance is felt, which will have a great impact on your emotional as well as mental state.                                

Blogging gives you both options: either to create an identity for yourself or to be hidden under a pseudo-identity, with the tag “anonymous”, allowing you to express more freely. Either way, the choice is yours.                                                                                                                               

The science of better mind with blogging

 Jotting and learning things help kindle your brain, providing the neurons with a much-needed exercise. Blogging can also help you stay mentally fit, hold intelligent conversations, have a good memory, etc. Also adding a more public element to your writing, it is suggested that communal communication offers additional psychological benefits. In 2013, researchers at the University of Haifa stated that writing a blog is proven to be more effective than writing in a private diary as it improves self-esteem, lessening social anxiety and emotional distress.

Whether it’s the bottled up feelings or negative thoughts, word your every emotion through blogging. It is a medium of social interaction, which can really bring amazing things to you. So start with your journey now and look forward to sharing your experiences and stories. Good luck!