Penny Karabey is the CEO and Artistic Director of Luxury Next Season; A New York-based luxury fashion collective that’s given its patrons a confidence boost and transformed their lives for the better.

 Penny is a loving wife and mother who splits her time between the Upper East Side, her homes in Southampton and her native land turkey.

In this article, we will learn how Penny overcomes the obstacles presented to her daily, tackles stress, and draws motivation for her cause.

Beating Stress 

Stress from work can be successfully handled in a number of ways.  For Penny, stress relief comes from riding horses. As an equestrian, she finds horse riding both entertaining and relaxing. 

Visiting the gym for a quick workout is another activity Penny engages in to reduce stress. She’s a certified fitness instructor and she finds exercise to be a great way to clear her mind and focus.

Avoiding Burnout

Unlike regular stress, burnout is a state of emotional, cognitive, and physical fatigue induced by excessive and lengthy exposure to stress.

Burnout can cause more damage to our lives than average stress. One of the major factors contributing to the rate at which we experience burnout is the amount of passion we have for work. Penny shares that she enjoys what she does so she rarely experiences burnout. As the CEO of her fashion line, she’s immensely satisfied and fulfilled with what’s she’s achieved so far.

But there are some days when she gets too overwhelmed with work and has to step back. During those days, she spends time with her family, this helps her reflect on the things she’s grateful for. 

Achieving Success

Penny is a coffee aficionado and drinks several cups of the beverage daily. She shares that this is one of her hacks to success. Apart from coffee, Penny schedules most of her day around the things that make her happy, most of her events and meetings are scheduled when her son is at school so that when he is at home, she can spend quality time with him.

To Penny, Spending time with her son is of utmost importance. She shares that when an individual is fulfilled personally, he or she is more confident professionally.

Overcoming Obstacles

As an entrepreneur, you’ll face a lot of obstacles. Penny experienced this and one of the greatest problems she faces was visibility. Businesses need brand exposure, and without it, they won’t get the right amount of sales needed to keep your business afloat.

Penny was able to get past this obstacle by leveraging the power of social media. In today’s society, Social media has an unprecedented amount of effect on how we view a brand. Penny acknowledged this and made the wise decision to open an Instagram account to showcase her personal style and some of the items she sold. 

Soon enough, people began following her brand, complimented her unique fashion style and purchased the fashion items she wore from Luxury Next Season.

Drawing Motivation & Moving Forward

Penny plans to scale her brand further by sticking to one of the basics of running a successful business; putting her customers first.  She shares that she would rather make a slightly less profit and keep her customers happy than making huge sums of money and earning a bad reputation amongst her customers. 

Penny is motivated by the fact that she was able to build Luxury Next Season to the giant it is today. She’s worked relentlessly, both day and night, to ensure that her brand is a household name in the fashion industry and right now, she’s convinced that she is the best version of herself. 


  • Johnny Medina

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