Among the traits and abilities that lead to success, passion stands alone. Unlike skill, knowledge, or other factors, passion is innate: it can’t be learned or acquired but is always present. Passion, an overwhelming drive to reach one’s goals, is the one factor that unites all successful people in equal measure.

David Koch was discovered for modeling in May 2011 in downtown Frankfurt, Germany. With his unique style and jaw-dropping good looks, he looked extremely promising in the domain of modeling. David Koch worked as a mailman and his journey sets a benchmark for those who believe that they can, as now he owns his brand named ‘David Koch Style’.


David Koch says, sometimes all you need is a bit of motivation and dedication to succeed in what you are doing. You have to be dedicated to the business you’re trying to build or the goals you’re trying to accomplish. Without dedication, little else will matter. Many of us have a lot of interests, and we’d like to do something with all of those things, but until you become dedicated to one interest and make it work as a business model, you will not see the success you desire.

The primary factor behind a successful person is his/her level of dedication, which signifies the commitment of a person towards achieving objectives and life goals. Thus, dedication implies total devotion. Ask any successful personality the reason behind their success and the first answer that will emanate is they were dedicated. Dedication is thus the ultimate key to success in life he said.

When you are dedicated, you become optimistic. You will find that you always see that the glass is half full rather than half empty. You begin to see possibilities rather than limitations. You may be trying to finish an assignment and have gone halfway. If you are dedicated, you will focus on the fulfillment you will get from completing the assignment rather than leaving it half done.

David Koch says you may need support. The right people with same qualities you should gather. The right team will trust, work together and share together. They will all respect each other. They will also share the goal, the rules, the willingness. Then your success is assured. A vision and strategy needs good plan and good execution and good management. Build the right team with right skills. Build diversity in the skills and mindset. Always plan for future have a back up for everyone and everything. Have enough plans of divergent approach and even goals.

It is very essential to understand that nothing worth in life comes easy. All good things take time and need to be earned with relentless hard work and efforts. It truly takes a lot to be from where you are and where you want to be and this polarity can only be substituted by working hard for it David Koch concluded.