From a young age, music has always been an integral part of artist Pop Stunna’s life. Most of Pop Stunna’s inspiration stems from the music he makes every single day. Like a true artist, Pop Stunna uses his music as a tool to express himself.

When it comes to his style and vibe, Pop Stunna has always been about energy in his music. For him, making great music is all about having the skillful ability of incapsulating a feeling or energy into the notes, flow, and vibe of a song.

The next step may not sound as easy; once he has determined the energy of the song, he then translates that energy into words and lyrics. For many artists, writing music at this level is very difficult, but for Pop Stunna this part of the process just comes natural to him.

Pop Stunna describes that his creative process relies heavily on portraying raw thoughts and pure energy. This is what has made Pop Stunna an incredibly appealing artist in today’s age of music. He promises to always deliver all types of energy in his music.

Perseverance is key in today’s age of modern music. For an artist like Pop Stunna, he understands that no great artist is going to obtain the accolades right away. Accepting the fact that there will be long nights and countless hours honing a craft is a step in the right direction. Perseverance is something Pop Stunna understands greatly and he talks about it at length in his music.

For an artist like Pop Stunna, being able to sit back and watch what he’ll do next is truly a privilege. It is artists like Pop Stunna that ignite the music industry and push upcoming artists to truly incapsulate a particular energy or feeling when it comes to making songs. Pop Stunna plans to drop several singles before this year is over and one can expect tons of energy out of those songs.