Today have appreciation for Perspective.

What exactly is perspective? Is it objective or subjective, or both? Is is one’s opinion or a voice in your head? I my personal journey, perspective has taken on all these forms. Perspective is an energy that shifts into what it needs to be, when it needs to be. It aids in the process of wanting to know, to become clear to make a choice. Everyday we are living life and all the choices presented are seen from vantage point. Then we either see the other view, ask for an opinion or ignore what is seen or heard. Our desire is to have the desire that suites our own self interest. Is this bias, selfish, and self serving? Yes. Once we understand the perspective we have asked for, we can leave the self serving behaviour behind and look at life from a larger vantage point.

The life we walk into is the one we create. We spend most of our life searching for the answers as to why am I experiencing life in this way; If the life I am living is a choice, why did I choose to live it this way. It is only human to be inquisitive, to understand what is before us and times what are the consequences after this choice is made. This is at times we are cautious when we meet someone new on in unfamiliar territory. In these situations we seek trust. Trust gives us a feeling of being safe. This perspective of trust allows us to take chances beyond our comfort level. But how to do we reach the level of trust in new situations? Trust comes as a new knowing and gaining new insights and perspective of self and others in the situation or surroundings. 

When we seek for the new understanding, perspective outside of self, then we have to ask am I seeing with someone else’s eyes or mine? It is good to see life and the choices made from a another view, yet you are the one making to choice to follow thru with a decision that is going to be made. Each viewpoint gives us new idea, something fresh to see. Just like when we are looking at a puzzle and ask to help in solving it. The new set of eyes guides us in seeing what was there the whole time. The new eyes gives helps us get out of our old patterns. They help with navigating the new territory and gain trust in what we thought the whole time. Our intuition plays a part in the perspective which we see, feel and come to know.

Our intuition is key when we allow for a new perspective. We build a relationship with our voice, our Soul. Sometimes the perspective we ask for and receive is not from the outside, it’s our soul helping us the way we have asked. The relationship with you and Soul is one surpassing all lifetimes. It is a familiar one, yet there is some reacquainting that will have to happen.Then the objective viewpoints may not be so objective anymore. They become more in alignment with your belief system. The belief you have is one always changing to align with your current situation or propel you into a new one. We then can see that it is not just us, it is all that is involved in the transformation of Self. We come to understand that it is teacher and the lesson in action. The perspective gained is one of our sight and choosing, limited or not, the class clown or honor student. Either choice it is the one we chose to partake in to transform, to crack the cocoon. We know that we are not singular on our path of wanting to know more or validate the there is more knowing. The validation our intuition is proof enough there more on the journey we chose. 

Everyday we are living life and all the choices presented are seen from vantage point.

The free will helps us to accept or deny what we see, feel, hear, and come to know. The perspective we see is one of being bias, yet our vision does evolve for more information to be receptive. The more receptive we become the less bias our vision. The larger vantage point changes from us looking at our city, to our nation, to the world, to the universe and understanding how we fit in the tapestry, to knowing we are the Universe, we are the tapestry we create, we choose in every step of the way.      

Coming into awarnessnoticing Self

The movement

The energy

The subtleties 
Fulfilling the promise of self

The agreement made

Forever Infinite

Simpe Being

The ascension

Learning about the Self imposed

Seeing beyond

Feeling there is more

Knowing I am The All

Awareness is the remembering

I am the remembering

Allowong to remmeber

Allowing to know

Allowing the wisdom

Vessel floating freely understanding the flow granted permission the great allowing

The great awarness

All is as it is

Open and receptive