A human on daily basis see almost a average of 1000 things ranging from very micro to macro. It can be anthing or any person.

When we look at something or someone we think, we analyse and we make a perspective about it.

How to get a positive perspective?

Everytime you think ,your thought process works in a way it already has been working. So you never get a chance to experience the different aspects as you never let your brain exlpore the way it never has seen the world in.

Sometimes you reach the goal you thought but sometimes you end up in wrong lane. To succeed in the way you want, your perspective about how you think (of situation /object) is very essential.

If you think positively you may have a higher chance of winning. Sometimes to just see the way things actually are without interrupting them gives you a very idea of your perspective should be for it.

The way you see things are the way they actually end up.


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by Ananya Singh