I’ve never heard people talk about their pet peeves. But I bet if you started a conversation about them, there would be plenty to talk about. Here are some things to think about.

Are you inclined to dwell on pet peeves?

Are pet peeves petty?

Do you discuss pet peeves with other people?

Do you laugh at your pet peeves?

Is a pet peeve like a superstition?

Could a pet peeve destroy a relationship?

Do you have a pet peeve that you’re embarrassed about?

Why is it called a pet peeve?

Is it normal to have a pet peeve?

Would it interest you to hear other people’s pet peeves?

Would you discuss your pet peeves with a shrink?

What do you think of a “Pet Peeve Week”?

Are pet peeves silly?

Are your pet peeves mostly about your behavior or others?

Do pet peeves bother you more at home or at work?

Would you say that pet peeves are just another flaw in human behavior?

Who doesn’t have a pet peeve behind the wheel of a car?

Do you think pet peeves affect your blood pressure?

Do pet peeves increase with age?

How do you control a pet peeve?

Do you want to control a pet peeve?

Does a pet peeve get in the way of your Thriving? If so, do you think about changing?