Pets are saving lives! They are superheroes with their adorable paws and fluffy coats. They are mentally and physically healing you, distracting you from that dreadful assignment, accompanying you in this very isolated time of coronavirus. Above all, the only thing they require in return for their services is “You”. That’s it! They just need you. Your attention, your affection, and your amusement! 

Believe it or not, cuddling with your cat or taking your dog out for a walk around the block can do wonders for your mental health! I remember a depressing time in my life when I would loathe showers and morning air. But the only reason I got up out of my bed was because of my dog. I knew that I didn’t need me but my dog did and somehow that was enough. I would feed us, take us for a walk, have off-chance chats with the vet and the pet supplies owner. It was refreshing and I was so grateful for my dog’s company. It kept me going.

Take my word for it! Own a pet! Pet your cat, walk your dog, sing along with your parrot and play with your pet hamster. You will feel so much better! Here are just a few mental health benefits of having a pet

Stress Relief

Spending time with your favorite cat or your friendly dog decreases levels of stress hormones. Additionally, inducing the release of oxytocin which is a natural stress-reducing hormone. See how a simple interaction with your loveable pet is reducing your stress. You do not need to binge-watch a show or commit to a novel! Just pet your canine.

Reduces Anxiety

Breathe in, breathe out, take your dog out for a walk! Seriously, it will help you manage your anxiety. Pets tend to distract you from the source of your worries by keeping you occupied with their adorable habits and antics.

Serotonin! Lots of it!

Whether it’s walking your dog out on a beautiful day, basking under the sun with your cat, or feeding your pet rabbit, all these activities flare joy and cause your body to release serotonin which also goes by the name of happy hormones! Your pets are not only keeping your anxiety in check but are making you happy. Gooey heart eyes!

You are needed

Your pets need you! They provide you with companionship. Motivate you to get up and out of your bed, to go out of the house to buy food supplies, to interact with nature. Their unconditional, expressive love is telling you that they want you. This boosts your self-esteem!

Be, be there for today!

Tomorrow doesn’t exist for your pet. It doesn’t worry about taxes or walking up for class. Do you think your cat sits in the corner pondering over its next meal? No, it lives in the moment! Pets inspire their owners to take the day as it comes. No need to rush or to stray, just stay and live for today!

In conclusion, go out and get adopted by a pet. Seriously! Rescue strays, adopt from pet shelters and watch how both you and your pet bring love and support into each other’s lives. Plus, your mental health is going to be immensely better and you will be able to adopt healthy habits. It’s a win-win situation!