Climate change philanthropy funding is imperative to successfully fight climate change locally and globally. Bill and Melinda Gates, known for their philanthropy work, has made climate change a top priority. Jeff Bezos awarded organizations a 10 billion dollar gift to fight climate change. Many are following this lead and becoming more serious about climate change.

The current role of philanthropy in climate action

Philanthropy’s role in climate change is ever-shifting, however, the money philanthropy raises is just not going to be enough. Climate change will require much larger amounts of money and invention, in order to push back against climate change effectively. The philanthropy role currently needed is to provide climate defenders with all the tools they need to combat climate change. Investments in low-carbon assets are a great start, yet more is needed. Grass root organizations are playing key roles in combatting climate change and philanthropy assets help these organizations succeed.

Philanthropic strategies against climate action

Fighting climate change requires a great many different approaches through varying strategies. Most Philanthropy providers are currently approaching things systematically. Each organization has different strategies that depend on the specialties within the organization. From moderate reform strategies to more extreme radical transformations, all methods of approach must function within the political climate as well, to help fight climate issues.

Political Divide

There are a number of ways philanthropy can help change policies within a government. Be it through education, communication campaigns, advocacy, and other means, philanthropy has been a key element in the push for change.

Philanthropy and building networks

Philanthropy is not enough to sustain the fight against climate change. There are a great many actors in the field who are fighting daily in the battle. In order to be successful, mobilization is a must, to bring the words that are necessary to the people. Many foundations play key roles in this important aspect in fighting climate change.

Investing in the future

Investing in new technologies, such as Bezo’s Climate Pledge Fund, will be necessary for the future of climate change. New renewable energy options are being improved routinely. With the support of climate initiatives in the future, combating climate change is possible.