Everyone around the world has felt the effects of COVID19. Whether it’s falling victim to the virus itself directly or the experience of coping when the virus affects a loved one, co-worker of a friend. The devastating financial effects on economies and many business sectors have created
enormous concern for the future of both the U.S. and world economy once the pandemic is over. Recently, philanthropy experienced a spike in members and donations. Whether attributable to small or large donations, charitable activity is essential to help those in need during this time of crisis. In fact, to date philanthropists and large multi-national corporations
donated over $7.8 billion dollars in response to the Coronavirus pandemic. Listed below is how philanthropy and the efforts to combat covid19 are related.

Both are increasing, but one at a faster rate:
Unfortunately, coronavirus cases are not slowing down in the United States and in most regions across the world. In places like NY that experienced a dramatic spike in cases, self-isolation and quarantine mandates are helping to slow down the spread of the virus. While it is increasing in
many countries across the globe, advice from the CDC and WHO has resulted in the U.S. guidelines for COVID19 that have been effective in moving the country towards a near term peak in coronavirus cases. The amount of charity work and dollar donations is increasing as well. As mentioned before, billionaires and businesses across the globe are stepping up and making donations to help those in need of assistance including major donations to research organizations and companies pursuing therapy or vaccine to address the virus. As has been so often the case over the course of our countries history, our society comes together when a common enemy confronts us!

Greater call to action:
The World Health Organization and philanthropists alike are calling for greater actions to combat the spread of COVID19. To stop any further collapse of the world economy and support the recovery, philanthropists are stepping up their role to donate their time and money to address both the most urgent needs and in developing the healthcare infrastructure for future health crises. Food pantries are critical to the community-level response. Food supply has become a critical need issue for many towns and cities. Philanthropists are donating food to food pantries and donating funds to farms to hire workers. Philanthropists clearly understand
that farmworkers are the foundation of our food supply. The WHO is advising all countries that have coronavirus cases to urge their citizens to stay home to combat the virus, yet the essential worker is required to harvest, package, transport, and stock what makes its way to grocery
stores and food distribution centers around the world. Philanthropists and the CDC have also enlisted the help of popular celebrities across the globe to spread the word about staying home, utilizing music industry streaming concerts and educational programming to generate charitable
support, entertain and engage while promoting community response to assist those most affected by the pandemic. It is amazing how the people of the world have come together to respond to this terrible challenge!

Originally published on Andrew Elsoffer‘s website!