Children’s Investment Fund Foundation is impacting children through the foundation’s philanthropic endeavors. The Children’s Investment Fund Foundation is the most extensive philanthropy globally that solely addresses ways to make life better for children. There are many specific ways the organization does so. CIFF has teamed with many groups to affect change in health, nutrition, education, slavery, sexual exploitation, better opportunities for young ladies, and environmental concerns.

Through the organization’s five global offices, the foundation seeks partnerships while maintaining its independent identity. The foundation has no religious or political affiliation, thus supporting all children. In the past, the foundation has been instrumental in helping to provide better care for children with AIDS in underdeveloped nations. Based in the United Kingdom, Children’s Investment Fund Foundation ensures financial trust among its partners. Founded in 2002 by Chris Hohn and Jamie Cooper, the foundation desires to provide lasting strategies for improving longstanding concerns.

While emotion is part of the charity, greater emphasis is placed on facts. Grants are based on the ability to measure success. Specialists are on staff to provide insight into the organization’s funding choices; thus, ensuring accountability. By evaluating, designing, and implementing workable solutions, lifelong changes are made in the areas the foundation supports. On occasion, the foundation solicits proposals.

One of the biggest partnerships for CIFF is the work on the soccer aid campaign with UNICEF. The goal of the partnership is to stop childhood starvation. Because of COVID-19, children in developing nations are at greater risk of dying from hunger.

Children’s Investment Fund Foundation also pledged $500 million to gender equality endeavors. The money will be split between two primary efforts, with $460 million to promote sexual and reproductive health and $40 million to economic justice concerns. These efforts aim to create environments around the world in which girls can make their own decisions about their bodies and provide girls with the same educational opportunities as their male counterparts. Starting with young females gives hope that gender inequality will become a thing of the past as young girls grow into successful women.

While serving global needs, the Children’s Investment Fund Foundation focuses mainly on Africa, India, China, and Europe.

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