The world is lucky to have so many organizations out there fighting to make it a more incredible and supportive place. Given the sheer number of networks, charities, and philanthropic organizations out there, sometimes it is easy to lose sight of the special ones.

Certain organizations will always deserve to have the spotlight shining on them. One such organization is the Jewish Funders Network. The Jewish Funders Network is an international community full of philanthropists that care about the Jewish world.

 Who They Are

The Jewish Funders Network (JFN) has over 2,500 philanthropists and private foundations working together for a single goal. They operate from eleven countries and were established back in 1990. The organization’s ultimate goal is to work together to create positive change and expand their giving by working together.


What makes JFN truly stand out among the rest are the initiatives they have created and still support to this day. The first initiative is known as GrantED. GrantED is a joint project sponsored by both JFN and UpStart, with the goal to connect philanthropists with nonprofits and other grant seekers within the Jewish community.

The second initiative is called Honeycomb – originally known as the Jewish Teen Funders Network. Honeycomb was established back in 2006 and since then has had a strong focus on the younger Jewish population. Their philanthropic investments help provide the tools to success to future generations through training, education, and access to resources.

Other Services

Those two initiatives alone are enough to earn praise for JFN. However, it seems as if this organization never truly rests, as they are constantly striving to do more. They help philanthropists (new and old) donate overseas, help form grant matches, and work to create discounts for those that need it.

Furthermore, JFN is one of many philanthropic organizations that held firm during the pandemic. They created a detailed COVID-19 response, which can be easily found and read on their website. The level of transparency is refreshing and helps to showcase one of the many ways JFN fights to do right with the money available to them. 

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