The modern world is a place of chaos where news outlets and media sources seem to be shoveling the worst of the world’s happenings down our throat — that’s why it is always uplifting to hear about nonprofit organizations working to make the world better. The Chicago Police Foundation is one of Illinois’ most newsworthy, working to improve law enforcement’s education and available technology while fostering a sense of community.

Developing Skills for Chicago Officers

The Chicago Police Foundation provides assistance to the Chicago Police Department to ensure that their education and training are top-of-the-line. This includes monetary aid and public support for programs like the National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives’ (NOBLE) ‘The Law and Your Community‘ classes.

These classes came to Chicago through the combined efforts of the Chicago Police Department, the Chicago Police Foundation, and NOBLE’s local Chicago chapter. In essence, the 12-week course is focused on bolstering public awareness of the proper protocols when encountering law enforcement agents and emphasizes personal development leading towards a future in law enforcement.

Supporting New Technologies

Jobs change every day based on new technologies affect their field, and law enforcement is no different. In essence, the Chicago Police Foundation took efforts to make sure that Chicago police officers were at the forefront of the nation’s cutting-edge development by providing 130 smart-phones with the ability to access a gunshot tracking system called ShotSpotter.

ShotSpotter is a data-driven program that uses real-time alerts, GPS pinpointing, and acoustic sensors to identify the exact locations where gunfire occurs. This program is used across the country to strengthen police response time and make law enforcement less dependent on 911 dispatchers to react to violent crimes, improving dynamism in the field.

Keeping the Community Together

Fostering a strong sense of community is vital to preventing crime among youths and the disenfranchised — that’s why the Chicago Police Foundation works hard to keep the community together with their annual True Blue Event.

The True Blue Event is centered around creating a great time for Chicago officers, business professionals, and everyday citizens — dinner, dancing, and an auction help to raise money to support the Chicago Police Department.

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