*This article was written and edited by Tracey Spicer’s mentee Nicole Iliagoueva

It is said that compassion is deeply rooted in our nature, which is why shining a spotlight on important organisations like The Women’s Global Empowerment Fund is so fundamental in allowing us to learn about and support communities.

As the name suggests, the non-profit aims to empower women, more specifically marginalised women in post-conflict Northern Uganda, through access to microcredit loans, business and leadership development training, literacy and health initiatives. By partnering with on-the-ground organisations, The Women’s Global Empowerment Fund is able to provide considered economic, social and political programs that both address inequality and help women build livelihoods for themselves and their families. The small but mighty team behind the organisation consists of Executive Director Karen Sugar, Program Director Bukenya Musa, and Program Manager Eunice Apiyo. 

Their Story

Ever since their establishment in 2007, The Women’s Global Empowerment Fund has strived to facilitate better lives for women through microfinance – something the organisation firmly believes when paired with educational programming, can revolutionise the way the world works and create self-sustainability. For example, women are taught how to build social capital in their communities, which along with the ability to get a microcredit loan, can increase educational and economic opportunities.

One of the things that stands out about WGEF is their core belief that women are natural leaders, who when given opportunities and access, can be a “transformative force for peace, democracy, security and equality.” In essence, WGEF’s belief holds an important message – that marginalised people need to be seen, heard and offered proper resources, so that they can positively transform their individual circumstance and their communities.

 And through WGEF help, women who have taken part of the programs have thrived, whether that’s through gaining leadership skills, going to school, starting a business, running for office or buying land.

Awards & Recognition Received

Over the years, WGEF has rightfully received several awards. For the last six, they’ve been named the “Great non-profit” by you guessed it, GreatNonprofits, which is one of the most trusted reviewers of non-profit organisations.

And WGEF’s very own Karen Sugar received The Global Changemaker Lifetime Award in 2015 from the Foundation for Global Scholars. 

How to Help

If you’d like to support The Women’s Global Empowerment Fund, the best way to help is to donate.