The Italian entrepreneur believes that social media is the place everyone needs to be in, as he talks from his experience in achieving success through the same.

A closer look around us will let us know how businesses have been giving in their best to keep up with the changing times of the world and, in the process, focus on constant innovations and creative methods and strategies that can get them nearer their business goals and visions. Speaking about creative strategies, what better medium than social media today to emerge as winners in the entrepreneurial space, with the endless tools and opportunities these online mediums provide. Entrepreneurs across industries have been utilizing these opportunities and coming up with business models and ways to double their sales and engage more with audiences on social media platforms. We came across one such high-performing individual named Philip Villa, an Italian entrepreneur who created a vertically integrated business model for his brand Yokkao, growing as a premium Muay Thai gear brand handmade in Thailand.

What started as only a fight gear company in 2010, soon under the leadership of Philip Villa, grew exponentially with its vertically integrated business model covering a scope of operations from manufacturing to events promotions to running its own training center in downtown Bangkok and also, a sportswear collection, which made its famous debut in the fashion showrooms of Milan. Initially, the talented entrepreneur relied on local manufacturers, and as he saw the increasing demand for Yokkao products, he set up the brand’s own manufacturing facility in 2015. To reach more customers more conveniently, Philip Villa focused on increasing the brand’s direct sales through its online store. In a few short years, Yokkao reached at a global level with worldwide distribution. It is also the first Muay Thai brand to be directly distributed worldwide, thanks to its direct sales network.

Philip Villa was a pioneer on YouTube, as he made significant marketing efforts across social media platforms for growing Yokkao. For YouTube, he made training videos and interviews in full-HD of the most prominent Muay Thai fighters with the help of a professional team of videographers. Starting from 2010, using marketing efforts and tactics much before social media gained prominence, is in itself proves the futuristic business approach of Philip Villa for his brand.

This is a program that lets the participants earn discounts and cash rewards by sharing a unique discount coupon code and posting their experiences on their social media about Yokkao’s products. Whether it is his business model, his proper utilization of the social media space for growing the brand or his ideas on ambassador programs for customer appreciation, Philip Villa proves why he is the best in the business, offering the best sports gear distributed across countries.