One third of the energy your body consumes comes from the food you eat. The vast majority of the energy your body needs to maintain systemic equilibrium comes from environmental infrared light exposure.

Dr. Alexander Wunsch, MD, PhD, world class expert on Photobiology

There is something available to all of us that can do miraculous things when it comes to fighting disease and promoting health. We tend to overlook it and take it for granted… light. Most people don’t even realize how certain kinds of light helps prevent or fight disease and keeps their body functioning as it should.

Light supports vision and keeps us in sync with nature and it also catalyzes the production of most of the energy we need for metabolism, movement, repair and regeneration. When applied as therapy, it’s called “photomodulation” (modulation of the cell by light) and is also known as LED phototherapy or LED therapy.

LED therapy is now helping people with a wide range of conditions including, but not limited to, pain, mood disorders, macular degeneration, cognitive decline and many other conditions. What’s equally amazing is that the type of light that elicits these benefits, is available without prescription and can be safely used in the comfort of your own home.

LED Therapy creates a process similar to plant photosynthesis (the conversion of light energy into chemical energy). This therapeutic light is absorbed by the cells and produces an amazing cascade of events.

  • Every
    metabolic process, enzyme reaction, muscular movement, the digestion of
    food and the burning of fat are augmented by sunlight energy.
  • A
    reduction of natural light energy causes a slowdown in these processes
    that leads to decreased metabolism, reduced burning of fat, reduced
    vitality and compromised immunity.

Exposure to natural sunlight triggers the production of most of the energy required for cellular metabolism as well as repair and regeneration. The true full-spectrum of natural light energy —balanced with both visible and invisible light— is essential for the development, growth and maintenance of a healthy body and mind. What does this really mean?

It means natural sunlight is very, very good for you, it’s healthy, it’s necessary, it’s vital.

Since the beginning of human history people have lived, worked and played outdoors during the light of day, active and vibrant, absorbing the full spectrum of light energy photons from the sky. An average of 10 hours each day, 70 hours weekly, was common for eons. But in less than a mere two hundred years, millions of people have unwittingly, become “contemporary cave dwellers” living and working indoors . . . starving for vital energy.

This reduction of natural light exposure was coined “mal-illumination” by the late Dr. John Ott, the father of full-spectrum light technology. Mal-illumination impact’s your health every single day…

How Mal-illumination Can Hurt You

Mal-illumination silently contributes to many adverse health conditions —depression, obesity, fatigue, sleep & eating disorders as well as breast, prostate & colon cancer. Mal-illumination causes ‘energetic’ deficiencies that adversely impact vital circadian rhythms that control appetite, energy, mood, sleep, libido and other body-mind functions.

Mal-illumination is brought about by limiting our daily intake of full-spectrum daylight and supplementing it with too much artificial ‘limited-spectrum’ indoor light, especially blue light at night (TVs, phones, tablets, laptops) and by shielding ourselves from the sun with such things as tinted windows, windshields, sunglasses and suntan lotions. Let’s face it, most of us spend the vast majority of our day indoors.

Sunlight is Life’s Energy, it’s Your Energy…

Photosynthesis in Plants is akin to Metabolism in Humans

The human body functions much like a green plant, collecting energy from the atmosphere. The nervous system may be described as a network of electrical wires which conduct light energy throughout the entire nervous system and distribute it to internal organs. 

Mankind’s radical shift indoors, away from life supporting solar energy —that our genes are programmed to respond to— reduces immune response and can impact your life span.


Let’s face it, many of us have unwittingly become ‘contemporary cave dwellers’ spending the vast majority of our day indoors. If you’re missing your daily sunshine requirement… then we’ve got good news for you.

We have developed the “Fullest”- Spectrum Therapeutic Light that enhances health and reduces the risk of disease.

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    syndrome that impacts obesity, depression, fatigue, sleep and many other
    serious health conditions.
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