Physical and psychological

Numerous independent studies have proven that bathing in a spa increases the feeling of well-being. Imagine how you will feel when you have the possibility of enjoying a relaxing bath, taking advantage of the therapeutic properties of our sulphurous waters…


 Everyone has some stress in one way or another. Our Spa is the perfect antidote to fight against a hectic and stressed way of life. Thermal water and a gentle massage prevent anxiety, relax tense muscles and stimulate the creation of endorphins, the most natural medication.


 Millions of people suffer from insomnia and other types of sleep disorders. It is known that sleep deprivation can cause depression, mood swings, memory loss, blood pressure disorders and often limit the level of attention. Performing a Thermal Circuit with our sulphurous water before going to bed, not only helps you fall asleep before, but also helps you achieve a more relaxing sleep.


The physical benefits derived from the usual use of bath sessions in our Spa, are more important than relaxation and enjoyment. You can use our Thermal Circuit to help repair those muscle problems you have. The wide variety of jets that you can choose in the different wet treatments of our Thermal Circuit, ensure that you will receive a perfect massage every day.


 About 10 million Europeans are diabetic. Problems in blood sugar levels, is just one of the secondary problems caused by this disease. Independent studies conducted by medical agencies indicate that bathing in a spa has similar beneficial effects to those achieved with physical exercise. Patients who take baths for 30 minutes, six days a week, in three weeks have reduced blood sugar levels by approximately 13%. Another benefit of using the spa is that, in just 3 weeks, you can lose an average of 1.5 kilos without doing any diet or exercise program. Our thermal circuit is especially indicated to help those people who cannot exercise.

Arthritis and bone condition

 Many Europeans suffer from arthritis problems. Good news for them is that there are effective ways to minimize these problems and help prevent damage. Physiotherapists recommend baths in warm water, to achieve muscle relaxation and reduce muscle aches. Taking regular baths will help you get more flexibility and strength in your muscles, as well as protect you from possible muscle problems. If we add to this the chemical properties of our medicinal mineral waters, the result in bone conditions is remarkable.

Doctors recommend taking baths in the early morning, before starting daily activities. This allows the rest of the day to be more comfortable and easier to move around. Finishing the day with a bath in our spa is extremely beneficial. It is ideal for unloading the muscles, as well as ensuring a restful and relaxed sleep.

Psychic abilities or sixth sense

“A highest rated psychic perceives the energy, feelings and information around a person, situation or personal relationship,” explains Amber. She emphasizes the difference between a psychic and a medium, since the latter “can receive messages from people who have died.” 

Instead, a psychic is able to read the minds of others thanks to his ability to understand the complex network of energy and feelings around him. In this way, you can help shed light on a specific event or personal situation. 

Therefore, it is very likely that you also have your own skills. “Be psychic It is an intuitive way of being, that is, it is based more on feelings than on rational thinking. And it happens often. For example, when you have a hunch about something. “

Common predictions

You have probably ever experienced that feeling that something is happening before it even happens. That is, in fact, that your psychic part is showing you that it exists. says Amber. “For example, have you never remembered someone and the next minute you received a message from that person?”