We live in a world of convenience. 

A world of instant gratification, where everything you want will always be in reach.

Hungry? Delivery apps got you.

Need to get somewhere? Uber.

Want to watch a movie? Netflix.

There’s how our world is now.. instant dopamine hits at your fingertips. It is an addiction, a curse of the modern world. I suppose it is how it is. With mental illness on the rise, as the Stoics would say. 
We lack mental toughness.

Now, I don’t equate mental illness = lack of mental toughness. 

I’m just saying.. mental toughness is a prevention. Not a cure. 

Everything comes so easy now – when it doesn’t, everything seems so impossible to accomplish.

When the world becomes so effortless and easy now, any amount adversity will break you.

Start a hobby that makes you wait. 
A hobby that takes a lot of effort to learn. 
And takes time to show itself worthy.

Here’s a list for you to work with: 
Gardening (Organic farming, hydroponic, compost)
Lifting weights (Crossfit, Olympic lifting)
Play an instrument 
Start a food diary/Travel journal
Complete your bucket list