We all plan. Planning is a process that takes place, even unconsciously.

For example, the night before a virtual seminar to be presented, I decided to place the alarm clock at seven in the morning. I also made sure to have my mobile fully charged. Then I went to sleep peacefully.

The previous story reflects in a simple and daily way that it is necessary and important to plan all activities and projects in our life, to achieve success in the short, medium and long term. It seems that many people do not understand or do not perceive the importance of planning their lives.

It is worrying to see how young people finish secondary school and have not discovered their vocation or inclination toward any profession or trade. They end up studying anything they do not like or even worse they get a job just to pass the time (or because someone told them that “that gave money”), spending their youth without goals, without achievements, without triumphs.

However, how can I plan my life effectively?

Plan your life, it is about building your world, it is knowing what the next step you will take, it is knowing what to do to defend yourself from the obstacles that arise.

Plan your future is, set goals, accept challenges, especially when they lead you to what you want to achieve. If you encounter any difficulty and it is difficult to find a solution, you have to look beyond what you find around you.

It’s knowing where you’re coming from and where you’re going. One of the secrets to being successful is having clear objectives about what you want to achieve in your life. You are recommended to use a best personal goal planner like Enlightenment Planner (I personally use it for my planning purpose).

Planning your life involves having short, medium and long- term goals and evaluating them continuously to confirm the achievements and those that have not yet been fulfilled.

Planning your life basically helps you:

  • Be responsible for your actions, and therefore, carry them out in the best possible way.
  • Take charge of your life, assuming the role of leader and not letting others manipulate you.
  • Have self-discipline, and achieve virtually any project that you define.

These three aspects ensure success in everything you do

The Key Is Integrity

Your life plan should be focused on all areas of your life. Thus, you achieve the balance that is essential to achieve goals.

Since you are an integral being, you must draw plans for your life, in the intellectual, physical and emotional aspects. If you neglect one, the other two are affected and your life breaks down.

It is very common to find great intellectuals, emotionally destroyed, with famous athletes who are sick and handicapped by neglecting their health, or with people who yearn to study but their mind is blocked by fear or anguish.

Make plans that lead you to stay intellectually active. Set goals for study, personal growth, reading, updating. Plan of course the moments of fun, of exercising, the visits of medical control and also the moments to share with your loved ones and friends.