“You are what your deep driving desire is, as your desire is, so is your will, as your will is, so is your deed, as your deed is, so is your destiny.”

A New Calendar Year globally driving desires bubbling up in the community manifesting the arrival of their intentions to be fulfilled. Many on physical realms, looking for new job opportunities, emotional realm working on receiving peace in speech, heart, relationship nourishment and many on spiritual realm connecting to source energy the connection to highest form of energy of creation. But you truly need clarity for your intentions in support of good deeds to on the ignition and crystalize from the head into your heart. Alignment of the heart -beat and the universal energy. One step at a time of what you want. A step-by-step ritual to bloom your garden with love. A farmer sows a seed of apple in single garden and allowing it to grow into a apple tree nurturing, nourishing fertilizing with water softly, gently deeply positioning it in the right place. He doesn’t clutter his garden and soil with grape seeds or pear seeds in same place. So is your deep driving desired intentions that is deeply planted in your heart needs nurturing, a fertile soil, free of clutter, free of resentment, rejections, regrets. Seeds take time to grow- and they require nourishment. If your seed is right about to nestle into the stillness of your heart by bringing another seed you interrupt the process and the stillness vanishes in the swirl of activities. Your nourishing becomes diluted and the garden becomes crowded and most likely the seed will not grow. When we connect to the highest source energy a wave of light is uplifted watering our intentions and nourishing it. The virtues of kindness, compassion towards others and self, service, honesty are pure fertilizers for your garden. This moves you out from darkness into light, from fear into love, constriction into abundance. We are powerful beings. Ultimately what matters is Un-Conditional love that is present in each one of us. Lets all honor the divine light in you and me. Start living your dreams 

Rachna Mehra