I have had the opportunity to call many doctors my friends. When I was younger, I would always be the first in line to offer advice or chime in with my option. I do that less and less these days unless I am asked, and even then, I might reply ‘that it is above my pay grade’. I noticed with all the medical doctors I know that they seldom offer any advice, even when being asked directly they reply, ‘that’s not my area of expertise’. They watch, listen, and nod.

I want to help because I care!

An innate obligation or compulsion of many health care practitioners is that they want to fix everyone; they have the secret sauce; they are healers. This may be the case; you are the expert, yet, it is in our DNA to continually grow and seek new information and experiences.

A flower wants to create more flowers, so it needs the bee and the wind to reproduce and spread its beauty. The flower never stops opening and reproducing to create more flowers and even variations of new flowers. The same new information creates a fast and healthy brain, laying down new neural networks.

If we close that network thinking to ourselves, we know it all because we learned it 20 years ago. It is a disservice to your brain, but also the people you support.

As a teacher, I seek new and novel treatments, and courses from experts in the field of fascia, the brain, exercise, lymphatics, and cranial sacral. My approach is if I learn one thing or remember something from a different perspective; it is all worth it.

One technique, one subtle change can create an entirely different program and get a different result.

Becoming an expert before you are ready is simply the ego; mistakes are made here. When dealing with the brain, there is no room for error.

I had a massage therapist want to do the Brain Health Assessment. She did the test, and because I was launching and it still had some technical issues, I gave her an upgraded experience and analysis of her results, which is a paid-for item. She took the test, gave some feedback, and chatted on the phone to review her results.

1.      There is posturing – I have been in business for 20 years and have been doing fascia work forever. I don’t need any more information on the fascia. I thought to myself, then why is your client seeing me? But right away, the defense kicked in. Her mind closed. No learning today.

2.      I gave her results – Iasked her what supplements she was already taking. She mentioned she doesn’t take them regularly and, with a nonchalant attitude, had no desire to know the value of the supplements.  The reason why is she doesn’t understand is the back story. The back story is the science of supplements, the difference of an easily absorbable bioidentical supplement that the body sees as real. If the body sees the substance as foreign, it changes the cascade of results and lowers the absorption rate.

This therapist stated when she remembers, she takes magnesium citrate. I mentioned for the brain she might want to look at 1 of 10 alternatives. She went right into telling me she is a nutrition expert, and she knows all about it. This is where actions say it all; if she did know all about nutrition, she would know the value of consistency, know there are differences in the quality of supplements, and know the timing of when it’s best to take them.

I cut her off, as I am only delivering information. She changed her tone, as she wanted to learn how to do what I am doing over the phone. In her mind, it was so easy to copy what I was doing, take the test, get the supplement, and give everyone the same protocol I gave her. This is dangerous. It took years for the doctor to design the test and supplements for the brain, the approach is less is better, even if it’s good for the brain, it might overwhelm it.

3.      This brings up another issue of stealing information without proper training. Taking the courses, doing the work, and getting results, is when you can start branching off and creating.

4.     When working with the brain, less is better. That is why I use a clinically proven test developed by a doctor, whom I partnered with for learning for myself and my students in podcasts, as well as I have a team of experts who support the results. My concussion clients see a 20 to 30 percent improved without manual treatment when using the test. This is the percentage of people that have symptoms for over 6 months to a lifetime. Not the ones who heal in the first 4 weeks. The people who heal within 4 weeks make every concussion technique look amazing.

The brain is fascinating; it is directly involved with how we think, work, and age. It all goes back to science. Do we have the neurotransmitters necessary to support our brains, and if not, what can we do?

The FTI Brain Health Assessment test reveals the health of the brain and creates a protocol for that specific brain.