We’re in a world where technology companies want us to believe we don’t need anything more than technology.

Certainly, technology can be valuable and useful. But the reality is, there’s something to our sensory experiences and interactions. They’re not just enjoyable but can have real benefit to health and well-being. Scents, sights, sounds, texture — all can have an effect. Calming, invigorating, relaxing, etc.

Think about how it feels to curl up under a warm, cozy blanket made of a soft material. Or, the way the smell of a pretty soap in a hot shower might make you feel. We’re quick to neglect these elements in our lives, especially if we’re busy, or with hectic lives and schedules.

Incorporating these things into your personal world can make a real difference, and doing so is ultra easy.

It can be done by infusing sensory elements into your day-to-day experience.


Science has proven that both humans and animals benefit from physical contact. In fact, nearly all living things need and rely on it. But studies have also proven we benefit from touching in general — fabrics, textures, and other hands-on experiences. While it doesn’t replace the value of physical contact with living things, we do respond physically to touching a variety of things. Silk, fleece, and other fabrics have been shown to create a sense of comfort, security. Sand under our feet at the beach often brings a feeling of serenity.

Bring texture and touch into your world with a fluffy robe to put on in the mornings when you’re out of the shower, a comfortable cardigan to toss on when you’re cold at work, or a cozy blanket and sheets on the bed. You’ll notice the difference.


It’s no secret that aroma and scent can create experiences. Essential oils have been known to relax. A delicious meal in the oven might bring a sense of comfort. You can weave aroma throughout your daily routine in so many easy and effortless ways — candles, room spray, soap, perfume, oils, incense. There’s a huge range. Scents like peppermint can be awakening, while essence that resemble sugar and sweets might feel comforting. Experiment with different scents and scented-products to find what works for you and the sensory experience you want to create with it.


Taste is a no-brainer when it comes to moving the senses. We crave foods for far more than just satisfying hunger. It’s often to evoke a specific experience, too.

Food and beverages are the two key ways — and there are so many options to choose from to do it. Make it a point to be cognizant of what you’re surrounding yourself with when it comes to what you drink during the day, and what you eat. Take time to notice flavors, taste and textures as you do here.

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Originally published at medium.com