When you will ask someone about polycarbonate, you may just get a puzzled look in the answer. Although not a lot of people are aware of this it is everywhere around us. It was discovered by Alfred Einhorn who was a German scientist in 1898 and it has been used in various industries like automobiles, electronics and almost everywhere.

Most commonly polycarbonate sheets are being used in roof coverings of greenhouses, swimming, factories, residential and commercial buildings, etc. Polycarbonate has become an amazing alternative to the various transparent materials because it is lightweight, stronger and transparent. Therefore, these are becoming more popular.

Why Polycarbonate sheets are being preferred?

These are being preferred because of being lightweight and easier to use. These are easier to cut, modify and install than glass. Even more, these are highly flexible and versatile and will let you play with its color, shape and transmission level and it can maintain its shape and color for years. These are stronger and reliable and contain high impact resistance. Due to all of these characteristics, Polycarbonate is much preferable as compared to other similar products.

What are common applications of Polycarbonate roof sheets?

Here are some of the most interesting Polycarbonate applications for you to know:

Pergola covering: This can be a wonderful addition to your garden. This is commonly a sitting area which has a wooden canopy to cover and will provide you protection from rain and direct sun exposure. So, if you want to stay protected from these elements but you do not want to give up on sunlight, then you can consider Polycarbonate to cover the area. This is the lightweight option with double durability for you to have.

Walkway roof covering: For the cities with snowfall and heat, it has been necessary to cover walkways. Polycarbonate sheets have the ability to withstand these environmental conditions. Another quality which can make Polycarbonate attractive for city planners or project managers is its affordability, less need for maintenance, and exceptional durability.

Swimming pool’s roof covering: Most of the swimming pool cover designers in Queensland, Australia wanted to get a perfect roofing solution which could work perfectly for years and can keep the pool safe from intense weather conditions. They want to have a transparent cover which can enable the pool’s patrons to enjoy a magnificent view of sky and ocean. And the perfect solution for the swimming pool roof covering is obviously Polycarbonate due to its incredible durability and ultimate clarity. With the use of Polycarbonate roofing options, bathers can enjoy the unobstructed views, natural light under a perfect shelter.

Perfect options for your Polycarbonate roofing solutions

Palram is offering artistic and amazing options for Polycarbonate roofing solutions. Learn more about Palram polycarbonate roof panels here. Some of the perfect options are given below:

SUNTUF: A corrugated polycarbonate roofing sheet which is perfect for pergolas, greenhouses, skylights and DIY projects and easy to install.

SUNGLAZE: A tending-seam glazing and panel system which is perfect for medium and small projects.

PALSUN: A solid and flat polycarbonate sheet available in different colors and tints and comes with glass level clarity.

Polycarbonate roofing sheet’s high quality, durability, and perfection in clarity are making it a perfect option to adopt for any size of the project.