We are living in a modern society where artists play an important role to keep it in a good shape. Terms like creativity and innovation are inextricably associated with the word, ‘artist’. Different artists are playing different roles to make our society better. They have the ability to change the entire community in such a way so that they can inspire social progress. Talking about the contribution of artists would be an endless conversation. Therefore, in this article, we are specifically going to tell you about an emerging artist who has gained huge success and popularity due to her hard work and dedication.

Well, if you are connected to the sphere of music and entertainment, you have probably heard the name of XINXHU. The real name of XINZHU is Xinzhu Wang. She is undoubtedly an emerging artist living in Los Angeles, California. If we talk about her origin, she is actually half Chinese and half Korean. In regards to her family, she has come to this industry from a very traditional Chinese family. She exemplifies her deep interest in music and various art forms since the age of five years old. Well, her parents realized this very well. At the very beginning, Xinzhu Wang started learning GUZHENG which is one of the most popular Chinese traditional instruments.

Over the course of time, she gradually developed her skill and performed in several school shows. She also participated in various talent and art shows. Sooner or later, she started learning about popular American and Korean artists. She was very impressed by the masterpieces of Rihanna and she also liked the artistic style of Amy Winehouse. Along with these, she also got to know about various RnB and urban artists.

Later, Xinzhu Wang moved to San Diego, California in order to get a better education. She joined a local dance crew in San Diego while studying in school. She realized that this particular phase of her life is very important. As she grew up, she got the taste of R&B, Pop, and Hip-hop music. Along with the music, she realized that she has excellent dancing skills and this particular aspect sparked many earning opportunities in her life. She signed up for JYP Entertainment in 2017 and then, she joined Rap of China that was one of the most popular entertainment TV shows.

She worked in various top shows and worked with many top-rated Korean artists. She also worked with Mila J who was a popular American R&B singer. After working with them, XINZHU realized that she should give more importance to her goals. Her foremost objective is to connect with people on many different levels. She also desires to merge world culture through music. In fact, she always wants to set an example for others. Xinzhu wants to eliminate the boundaries between cultures, ethnicities, and countries.

Today, Xinzhu is working on her album that will show a different aspect of her artistry. It will combine her personal culture with various other cultures.