Design is the act of thinking the architectural and artistic drawings required during the creation of an object or structure, and then pouring them into the drawing . Thanks to its ability to appeal to the soul, it affects human psychology and behavior. Design and decoration are different concepts from each other. Making plans and developing them to create a new product, object or space constitute the content of the design. The human factor is of great importance in the realization of the design. A design that does not reach human can not achieve its purpose.For this reason, space design has the ability to directly affect the behavior of the people who will be or live in that space. The exterior and interior architectural qualities of a building, its spirit, the atmosphere created within the space, the colors used and the decoration subtleties are the details that make up the entire design.

You Can Impress People With Designs

Influencing people through design has been a work done for many years. Because design has psychological effects. When designing a space, studies are carried out on how and for what purpose this building can be used. These studies are determinations that will affect the behavior of the people who will use the building or the space. Thus, what should be the behaviors for using the structure can be determined. It is always possible to direct people to different behaviors by designing new spaces that people can love and do not feel unfamiliar with. It is not very difficult to adapt to living spaces that offer comfortable and easy living conditions for people.

Design Has an Effect on Human Behavior

It is a scientifically proven fact that building designs affect the people living in them in terms of behavior and development. Studies have revealed that a design can affect human life positively or negatively. The reason for this is that design is a concept that can have a direct impact on human psychology.that is. Some people living in a well-designed building may be comfortable and peaceful, while others may not find the same peace. It would not be the right approach to expect the buildings inhabited in to fulfill only some functions.

It is very important for buildings to give people happiness and peace, to have an exterior appearance that offers a style and to have a unique spirit. Buildings that can guide people can set a new target for them by incorporating features that people do not have but want to have. This type of architectural structures can help people to push their limits by making them feel better. It can make the goals clear and make them want to work in discipline.

Every Design Has a Spirit and Style

Each structure has features that emphasize a certain mood or understanding of morality. While people state that they like a building or an architectural work, they do not like it only for its aesthetic features. They emphasize every detail they see in the building. They express their appreciation for the roof, door, door handles, windows, stairs and flooring of the building. They touch upon the small decoration details that make that building a living space. They even take care of the lifestyle in the building. Some designs remind the longing for the past, while others reflect the lines of the future. Design buildings bear a special identity of their own.

Spaces and Environmental Order Affect Human Psychology

The success of a newly designed space is closely related to the happiness and continuity of the people who will use the space. This is true for both buildings and social living spaces. More than half of the world’s population lives in big cities and this number is increasing. As cities turn into concrete heaps, it becomes impossible to see natural green areas, parks and lakes. As a result of this concreting, artificial parks, bridges, greenery and ponds entered human life. Unnatural environmental arrangement creates negative effects on human psychology. Because there is an important link between environmental design and psychological balance. The deterioration of nature and the increase in artificiality lead to the weakening of personalities. It causes people’s hopes for the future to disappear and their life energy to decrease. The negative effects taken from the environment predispose to the formation of stress and anxiety disorders in people. It is certain that psychological problems will increase as people’s lifestyles become unnatural.

The Importance of Colors in Interior Decoration

It is known that colors play an important role in human life, both consciously and unconsciously. Experts say that the effects of colors on human senses and behavior vary depending on cultural and personal characteristics. Because colors can guide the mind and behavior. It can cause emotional reactions that can change your thoughts and choices. The effect of colors on you has the power to convince your subconscious. The emotions created by the colors used in interior decoration design on people are very effective.

The human factor is a factor in itself in the design of the building, space and social space. Every design is made to guide people or influence their senses.