Science has proven that the power of positive self-talk is real. Studies have shown that self-talk interventions can reduce anxiety and increase self-confidence, self-efficacy, and performance among athletes. That’s why the Microstep of taking a moment to congratulate yourself on your efforts after you finish a workout is so powerful. But positive self-talk can easily be incorporated into other parts of your movement routine, like when you’re in need of some extra motivation. The perfect place to start is by picking a positive mantra to have in your toolbox when things get hard, and you’re in need of an extra push to make good on your fitness goals.  

Check out these positive mantras that have helped members of the Thrive community follow through with their workout routines when they’ve needed it most. 

“Inhale, exhale.”

“Repeating this phrase does two things: It reminds me to take deeper breaths and recognize that all energy is about circulation. Shallow breathing is often a negative impact of stress. Pulling in more oxygen creates more energy.” 

—Beth Larsen, high performance and happiness coach, New York, NY


“I’ve been doing a lot of mindset work this year, as it was my hardest year ever and required constant resets. One of my coaches told me to come up with a song to play that makes me feel powerful, so I play ‘Stronger’ by Kanye West. The lyrics help me remember the time I conquered my first 5k, when this song was playing as I crossed the finish line. It always works for me!”

—Charlese L., virtual assistant, Los Angeles, CA

“I do not break promises to myself.” 

“Whenever I think I cannot do something, I counter that thought with the mantra, ‘I do not break promises to myself.’ This phrase often helps me remember why I started, and why I want to accomplish the goal I’ve set. It also gives me a quick self-esteem boost because it serves as a reminder that I’m important and worthy.” 

—Alyssa Swantkoski, executive assistant, Denver, CO 

“You are strong and you’ve got this.”

“Those are the two things that I forget first when self-doubt creeps in, so having this mantra is perfect for my replenishment.”

—Vanessa Leikvoll, corporate wellness, Great Barrington, MA

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