Positive Mental Health Benefits of Flowers That you Didn’t Know About

Flowers can influence people in a lot of ways. They are not mere decorative features that we put inside and around our homes nor are they only a form of a gift that we give to a bellowed person. Flowers have a much larger role and the ability to influence us on a much deeper level.

We often ask ourselves: “What is it about flowers that make us so happy?” The answer to that question is very complex. Flowers have the capacity to affect us in a grandiose way that we are often not aware of. Sometimes, the mere presence of flowers is enough to influence our mood and give us a positive boost.

Here are some ways that flowers are capable of influencing a person’s mental state.

Flowers are a Stress Reliever

The modern way of living in today’s contemporary society often leaves people stressed. Anxiety is the ultimate enemy and probably a modern sickness that most people suffer from. A lot of people are fighting against anxiety in various ways and mostly use the medicine. But there are a lot easier and natural ways to fend against this foe.

Flowers are the ultimate stress-reliever. There are countless studies that prove that just by having some flowers around a person can influence that person to feel calm.

According to a study, homemakers who suffer from a lot of stress are influenced by the presence of flowers. Those that had some flowers around their home or garden felt a lot less stress and anxiety than those that didn’t. Hospital patients who had flowers delivered to their room during the time of their recovery felt less anxious compared to the ones that didn’t have any.

If you do not believe it, you can try it. Try adding some plants to your home and see how refreshing and calming it will feel almost instantly.

Can Help Overcome Insomnia

Can Help Overcome Insomnia

The same as with stress, a lot of people suffer from insomnia or are having problems falling asleep due to the fast paste of the life they are leading. Most cities are affected by noise pollution so it adds even further to people being unable to sleep.

But there is a natural and simple cure for that. You guessed it: Flowers!

Flowers are very useful to have around your home for the purpose of allowing you to have a calm and restful sleep. One type of flower, in particular, is pretty useful: lavender. Lavender is known for being able to lower a person’s heart rate and blood pressure. Hence it allows the person to be completely calm and restful so they can have a good night’s sleep without any disturbances.

The Color of Flowers Affects the Emotions

It is already known that each color has its own meaning. For instance, red symbolizes anger, danger or love. Blue is at the same time the color for calmness and sadness. While on the other hand, yellow means happiness and good fortune.

The same goes for flowers. Based on its color each of them can influence our mood and determine how we feel at each moment. Besides that, flowers have mostly green parts, especially with leafy ones. Green is the color of nature and is especially calming for the human eye. The color green brings tranquility and relaxes a person.

Thus, depending on the kind of flower you have in your home your mood will be affected.

Gardening Itself is Beneficial

Gardening is one of the most calming hobbies there is. There are hundreds of people who claim that gardening helps them relax and that doing garden work is their favorite past time.

It actually makes sense that having a hobby related to flowers and gardening is calming and even further emphasizes the healing effects that plants have on the mental health of a person.

Growing your own flowers is very beneficial for a person’s well-being, but sometimes it works if you only go and relax into your garden. A study recently conducted by a flower shop helped to explain how a vast number of people improved their well-being only by spending a few hours a day just by sitting and relaxing within their garden.

The Smell of Flowers can Improve Our Memory

The Smell of Flowers can Improve Our Memory

Saying that flowers actually have the capacity to improve our memory is a bit out there. But an experiment conducted recently proved otherwise.

A number of people were separated into three different rooms. The first one smelled like rosemary, the second room had the scent of lavender, while the third one had no scent at all. The people were given a bunch of memory tests and the people with the rosemary room had the best results by far. The worse results were measured in the room without any smell.

There are many more confirmations that rosemary in particular has the effect to improve our memory, but it mostly has to do with the smell. As far as the test with the lavender goes, even though the people there had better results than the ones without any scent it the room with the rosemary smell had significantly better results than the lavender one. This is because of the specifically relaxing effects lavender has on people