“Believe in yourself. You are braver than you think, more talented than you know, and capable of more than you imagine.

Mohammed Umar, a boy of 24 years of age belonging to the localities of Ballari, Karnataka. He is a skilled person and effortlessly acted as well as directed his first short film, “Call Me If You Need Blood.” The dialect of which is in his native language which conveys a beautiful message.

Mohammed Umar says, everyone desires to know the key to success. You may have heard many famous people say that success comes with the persistent efforts and positive thinking. Did you know that one of the most important keys to success is positive thinking? With this key – this state of mind, it is easier to achieve success, improve relationships, have better health, and enjoy happiness, satisfaction and inner peace.

Every human being has their set of problems and difficulties which they are trying to overcome in order to obtain what they are striving to obtain. A positive thinker is never impulsive. They always wait to get clarity of a particular situation. Being positive and calm always enable you to see both sides of the coin. Unlike the negative minded person who is impulsive and makes rash decisions, the optimist saves himself or herself from a lot of trouble. The ability to understand a situation without any bias and then take constructive workable decision is a quality of positive thinkers. Nothing in life comes easy. As such, success doesn’t come by mistake it is always a result of continuous effort put into improvement which takes place over a period of time.

To achieve success, you have to understand that goals are important. It is fundamental and essential that you set them in small steps, so that they lead to your ultimate goal. Whatever goal you set, remember there will be obstacles so prepare ahead.

Helps You Stay Focused

When you are positive, you tend to pull yourself out of any negative loop and don’t lose focus from what you really want to achieve. When you feel low on self-esteem and self-confidence, chances are you slip off that focus and motivation but it is positive thinking that helps you stay focused and motivated.

It Leads You to Success

The power of positivity helps you in discovering your skills. You can find the ray of hope in the darkest of hours with the positive mindset. All of these are the essentials to reach success. Optimism also helps you to meet joy. It makes your personality appealing to the people. This way you can help other people change the way of their thinking. Furthermore, you can also learn much from them.

You Believe in Yourself

When you are positive, it is a sign of you believing in yourself. It reflects your self-confidence and you believe in yourself that you are capable of achieving all your goals and dreams. It lets you pave your path and cross all hurdles. If you believe you are worthy of success, a promotion, of being in charge of a new project, chances are your team thinks it too.

Problems are there and they will remain there and will never go away. We will solve one problem and another one will arise, then another and another. This is a cycle that will continue throughout our lives until we live. Therefore, it is important that we face this life and the difficulties that arise with a positive attitude and with good will and enthusiasm. It is all about how we view the world. When things are not going good and everything seems messed up, it is only our positive attitude that keeps us going and ensures us that it is just a phase that will pass.

The results of the success you seek, will come at the right time. Understand that delay may come don’t force it, don’t take short cuts, be true to yourself and stay safe.

Believe in your dreams. Success is inevitable. It is yours.