There are many situations in life like ill-health, loss of job, lack of money, relationship issues, bringing up children, lack of appreciation or motivation at the office or home, harsh weather, car breakdown, heavy traffic and many more. How do we deal with such situations in our daily life?

There are two ways people usually handle it. One way is to worry about the issues in hand, which will attract more of negativity in life and the other is to look at the positive points in each situation, which will boost up our inner power. There is no good or bad situation in the world. It is what feeling we give to the situation that makes it good or bad.

  • Is it practically possible to imbibe positivity in life?

It initially seems to be very easy to blame people, circumstances and even our fate to be the cause for our sorrow, instead of exploring the ways to look at its positive side. We tend to feel light when we blame others, but we do not realize how much we will have to pay for it. Blame, criticism, dislike, and hate are the significant components of negativity, which may be directed towards the self or the others. Eventually, when the negative thoughts are recurring, they make us feel heavy and finally leads to depression. Negativity is the cause of stress, anger, lack of motivation and it leads to various kinds of diseases. So, nip the negativity in its bud by merely writing a few positive points of the situation or person. Do it for yourself, not for others. Do it to strengthen yourself.

A CEO of a reputed company was interviewed on her success story. She said, when she was young, she lost her husband and had no hope to make her living. She was completely down, hopeless, depressed and what not. Then one fine day, she realized that it needs a lot of strength to be weak and a lot of power to endure the effects of negativity. It takes less strength to stand up, be positive and live life. That thought was her turning point and her first step towards success.

  • The Science of Positive Thinking

Positive thinking keeps the body and mind healthy. The positive vibrations have the capability to attract positive things in life by removing the obstacles that were preventing good things from pouring in. Let us see what the doctors and scientists in various fields say about positivity.

Dr. Fox, who is the author of the book, “Wake up! You’re Alive”, has prescribed positive thinking for a healthier living. He has detailed in his book about how the positive thinking biologically affects the health by secretion of endorphin hormones.

The science of achieving whatever you want by the technique of ‘Ask, Believe and Receive’ is expounded in a top rated book named “The Secret” by Rhonda Byrne.

Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan, says that a work is done by many factors like time, space, our effort, availability of all the things and people instrumental in the completion of the work etc. When we are positive, the interference from our side stops and the obstructions that have been previously created get destroyed. Our positive thoughts attract all the positive evidences. Thus, the final result tends to be positive. Moreover, during the entire process, there remains eternal bliss and happiness within (as we are not disturbed or worried). The faith in ourselves, when we realize how powerful our true Self is, results in bliss and brings positive evidences.

  • The Power of Positive Thinking

Param Pujya DadaBhagwan says, “A positive minded person finds positivity even in a negative situation. Such a positive-minded person develops to such a high inner state that he achieves “Samyak drashti” (Right vision; the perspective that shows the Real), and can attain liberation. The power of positive thinking is such that it results in the manifestation of God present in a human being. Negative thinking can make a human like a demon.” Negativity leads to depression. Whenever there is a negative thought, change it to positivity.

  • Techniques to practice positivity – learnt from the life of Param Pujya Dada Bhagwan
  1. A person told Pujya Dadashri, “You do not have common sense.” Pujya Dadashri responded saying “Brother! You got to know about it today. But I knew it right from my childhood that this A. M. Patel (name of Pujya Dadashri) has less common sense.” When responding in this manner, will that person have the fun to slander him anymore? If we do not get affected then who can affect us?
  2. Whenever Pujya Dadashri was served very salty dal, he used to mix water in the dal and had it without other’s notice. At times, his wife, Hiraba noticed and asked Pujya Dadashri why he did it instead of informing her. Then he used to say “Do you not add water when the dal is on the stove? I have done it after it is brought down. How does it matter?” That is the level of the adjustment and positive thinking of a Gnani.
  3. When he used to be served sugar-less tea. He used to add sugar-coated thoughts saying ‘It is very sweet, it is very sweet’. The thoughts itself would make the tea to taste sweet.
  4. The topmost positive vision is to see ‘Soul’ in every person. No one is the doer. No one is at fault. All the great Souls who have attained liberation have seen the world as ‘faultless’. That is the greatest positive thought.

Try these techniques in any situation and experience the bliss of Positivity.

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