Mike Giannulis

The COVID-19 global pandemic has been the biggest challenge humankind has faced in recent times. Everyone from governments, multinational brands, and individuals has suffered through and after the lockdown as businesses and economies came to a standstill. The self-isolation protocol that was to stop the spread of the virus cut off our lines of communication, transport lines, and most transactions.

The truth is, as human beings have had to adapt to the fluid situation prevalent currently in the world, it is time for businesses, healthcare, and other facilities to modify their processes to maximize the benefits. According to wellness expert Michael Giannulis, self-imposed isolation can have adverse effects on the state of mental and physical wellbeing. Therefore it is incredibly crucial to care about those facets of human life, especially in the present scenario. To start, let us have a look at why the state of wellbeing is so crucial?

Why is wellness so vital?       

Yes, we understand that people can spend more time with their family members, which should have been a good thing. But the truth is, the absence of a routine means that individuals are fidgety and frustrated due to the lack of the everyday activities that used to fill up the daily schedule in the pre-pandemic world.

This has given rise to acute mental stress, which is adversely affecting the physical state of health. As more and more people struggle to adapt to the new way of life, mental anxiety and disorders are rising. This is why combating just the virus isn’t enough, as consorted steps are required to maintain activity levels and agility even during the downtimes.

If you are in the same boat and are looking for a way out from the mental anxiety that has plagued you since the lockdown, here is the perfect post for you. In the following section, we have gone over a detailed plan to take care of the state of your wellbeing.

The importance of schedule

Human lives revolve around schedule. And once the schedule goes out of the window, it is quite similar to losing the driving stick on a fast-moving car. You feel like you have no control over the proceedings and nothing to focus your attention on. Keep in mind you need to approach the situation as a challenge and work carefully and patiently towards finding the best fit solution for your case.

Understand that you need to start by creating a schedule for yourself that will include family time, work-from-home hours, and recreational activities. If you have kids, keep in mind you need to make sure you participate in their playtime since it will be a stimulating experience for all the included members.

Stress control and management

As stated earlier, the nature and the severity of the Coronavirus pandemic have led to increased social and mental anxiety and stress. It is vital to learn to control stress or, at the very least, train enough to have the ability to manage the severe effects of mental stress. However, we understand that in the present scenario, you can never be free of stress, but you can schedule your day better to reduce it to acceptable levels. Use your recess times and free times to learn a new skill, identify hobbies that might interest you, or go for a simple de-stress with a stroll around the park or through movies and music.

Take care of your body

As there is no clear-cut guideline to combat Coronavirus, cleanliness and self-hygiene have cropped up as keywords for tackling the virus. However, keep in mind that even with prolonged self-isolation at home, you need to maintain cleanliness and personal hygiene. So it is a combination of hygiene and social distancing.

You also need a balanced diet that will maintain your body’s core strength and give your immune system enough boost to tackle foreign pathogens and several infectious disorders.  Additionally, you need to understand the beneficial effects of a great sleep cycle, enabling you to recharge your battery and provide your brain with some much-needed downtime.

Keeping fit is crucial

Here is another thing you need to understand and make a schedule for. It is not enough to take care of just the mental side of the elements. Keep in mind that we usually walk around and travel a lot, which goes a long way to staying healthy through routine activities. Since lockdown, our activity levels have gone down, and this is why it is crucial to adjust to the sedentary life by arranging exercising and practice sessions to train the body. If you have gym equipment handy, then it is excellent news; if not, you can always devise strategies to work out at your home or even join online yoga classes to maintain agility and activity.

Avoid coping mechanisms that hurt the body

It goes without saying that there are other forms of coping mechanisms available in the world as well. We are talking about drugs, alcohol, and other items like cigarettes, which can produce a mild-high on a dreary, slow-moving day of your life. However, it is vital to distinguish between coping mechanisms that experts designed to aid your body and others that are downright harmful to the human body’s physiological functioning.

Handle information like an expert

With the current state of the media, sensational news sells and human lives. The psyche is continuously bombarded with keywords that are devised to drive panic, tension, and stress for the human experience. A lot of the information that floats around is false or has no basis in reality. So, it is crucial to be able to understand the subtle differences between fake news and news. You must know when to switch off from the news, and if you are worried about something, do your fact-check through Google and multiple reputable news outlets.

To maintain the levels of mental wellbeing, stay connected, and follow our hygiene guidelines. All the best!