The wait is soon to be over. You have prepared everything from clothes to crib, from toys to name. Here is the time to deliver, you are ready and in a glimpse the baby is here. A sudden reaction comes out of nowhere. It’s difficult to name what you are feeling, anxiety, sleepless nights, crying or hard to remember things etc.

                   The moments that need to be yours life’s heartwarming events turned into nightmare. Hence all you need is awareness. As every woman’s body respond differently after birth so there is no specific prevention to all those feelings you called Post Partum Depression. But there is a lot to do before and after pregnancy to tackle it in first place. Pampering and self care comes first. If you are not healthy enough both mentally and physically, you will not be able to enjoy the moments with your little bundle of joy. There is a list of doing things that involves proper food, plenty of water, exercise, understanding between you and your partner, social support, medication, and sufficient sleep.

           So if you are a mom who is suffering Post Partum Depression remember it you gonna thrive and come out of it soon just a little knowledge will empower you. Diagnosis is important to treat.