Is there one part of the creative process that is harder than all of the others? If we had to choose one, it would probably be getting started. We have so many reasons to do something else, so many sources of blockage and resistance, so many interfering doubts and worries! What can help? Creativity coach Aneesah Wilhelmstätter’s three power ceremonies can help. Give them a try.

Aneesah explains:

Imagine connecting with the infinite creative wisdom within you, no matter what is or isn’t going on in your life, body and space right now… and doing so on ‘demand.’

What I am proposing in this brief, yet hopefully, value-packed post, is that you can invoke the greatness that will allow you to express your exceptional creativity through three types of ceremony— sacred script, sacred space and sacred stance.

Take a deep centering breath and ‘stand’ on the cusp of your creative practice or performance venture. You can make this your regular start-up ritual. Ceremonially bringing to mind your intention helps you to ease your way into a definite sense of initiation. As you get started, set the intention to stay steady and to follow through – even if it may feel difficult. It’s like taking an oath.


Sacred Script

You may or may not have come to some kind of understanding and personal self-agreement regarding creating and what ‘bringing the best of your being’ throughout the creative process means. Yet, how confident you feel and therefore your capacity to create, is regulated by what you say to yourself and what you say to yourself about yourself. To what extent does your language reflect your intentions – no matter what bodily sensations, automatic thoughts and memories come up for you?

Treating your words as fateful, .you can practice sacred speech and scripting — by saying with enthusiasm: “I am a provocative, prolific and passionate artist!”, or whatever words reflect your particular craft. You are  much more likely to get to your work  if you make a sacred self-declaration such as: “I am saying yes, regardless!” 


Sacred Space

Your second power tool relates to setting your space up to support your intentions. Your space refers to both the inner space that is your mind and body as well as your outer physical space.

Here you ask of yourself, what can I do differently so that I connect to a sense of the sacred? What comes to mind when you contemplate the experience of sacredness … solemnity … reverence? What does holy feel like for you? Does your ‘space’ feel sacred?

How willing are you to open up to setting up your inner and outer spaces so that practicing your craft feels like you are holding your own service? Deciding to be open, and bringing in memories, objects and talismans that appeal to your various senses helps you embody subtle energies that transcend than the ordinary. Holding a stone, lighting a candle, imagining a lion roar —are some of the infinite number of things you can try that might help you show up and stay steady, in any situation.

Sacred Stance

Your third power resource is the sacred stance. What posture and what gestures might help you embody the attitude of ‘Yes’? Perhaps doing face yoga as a start-up ritual and when the going gets rough, might help — whether you literally ‘roar’ for example, or feel a silent scream. My clients have found humming while rocking back and forth for three repetitions helps ground and energize them.

Initiate your ceremony and then be with the sense of ease and release that ensues. What do you need to let go of to be willing to experiment with ceremony? Powering up in a ceremonial way determines whether the ‘creativity’ you express is exceptional, ordinary or mediocre.



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