Power Up, Super Women: Stories of Courage and Empowerment is a book filled with knowledge, and essentially, acquiring knowledge is a necessary ingredient for anyone’s success. The ability to gain knowledge allows individuals the chance to learn and reading books such as Power Up, Super Women: Stories of Courage and Empowerment is one excellent way in achieving the knowledge necessary for the growth within to flourish. This book, Power Up, Super Women: Stories of Courage and Empowerment, portrays diverse inspirational perspectives from women that are located from across the globe. These diverse, inspirational women tell stories of overcoming adversity in hopes that their efforts will help and inspire other women. Power Up, Super Women: Stories of Courage and Empowerment has appeared on television, podcasts, magazines, and other forms of press. The book is written by Sarika Bhkta, CDE, Jeanny Chai, Dr. Kelly Donohoe, Sonali Dutta, Jodie Edmiston, Cherie Faus-Smith, Dr. Renee Galloway, Jenny Lynn Hood, Nicole Jansen, Jonamay Lambert, Charlotte Bowman Murphy, Olivia Solomon, Amy C. Waninger, Lynnis Woods-Mullins, Tracey S. Yang, and Aline Yska. What does each of these women have to say in their chapters? Below is a written summary of each.

Chapter 1: The Power of Your Personal Vision by Dr. Renee Galloway Chapter Summary:

Expect to learn the following from her chapter:

  • Practical steps of how to implement goal setting
  • Learn the reasons why visions are needed for success and in business
  • Read how Dr. Renee Galloways journey in school turned out

Chapter 2: We all have a Story by Jodie Edmiston Chapter Summary:

Read her chapter to learn the following:

  • Read Jodie’s chapter on how she experienced and then overcame abuse
  • Learn how to attract more emotionally, safe, healthy individuals into your life

Chapter 3: Radical Selfishness: A Manifesto by Dr. Kelly Rabenstein Donohoe Chapter Summary:

Read her chapter to learn:

  • Read Dr. Kelly Rabenstein Donohoe’s journey of experiencing childhood chronic illness
  • Learn how her experience with a childhood chronic illness has made a positive effect on her mindset and resilience
  • Learn how to adjust life’s expectations into a more positive light
  • Learn how to acquire a more healthy, positive mindset

Chapter 4: Waiting for the Weekend by Jennifer Hood

Read her chapter to learn the following:

  • Do not live your life based on what someone else expects from you
  • Read Jennifer’s journey on how she made the unexpected the expected

Chapter 5: Why are You? by Sonali Dutta Chapter Summary:

In this chapter, you will learn:

  • How to embrace your uniqueness
  • Learn how success comes after embracing and accepting who you are
  • Learn how to not be a people pleaser

Chapter 6: Becoming a Person Who will go Far by Olivia Solomon Chapter Summary:

Read Olivia Solomon’s chapter to learn:

  • Learn how nothing in life is handed to you
  • Read this chapter as it discusses Olivia’s journey of being a young leader
  • See Olivia discuss how aspects of life are not everything as they seem
  • Read more of her chapter as she discusses more details about what it’s like to have anxiety

Chapter 7: Success Comes from Trying by Tracey S. Yang Chapter Summary:

Read Tracey S. Yang’s chapter to learn the following:

  • See how success is only achieved after experiencing and learning from failure
  • Read more on how the effects of bullying hinder a person’s performance
  • Learn more about what a successful mindset is composed of
  • Follow Tracey’s journey on how she overcame bullying

Chapter 8: Worthiness from Within by Nicole Jansen Chapter Summary:

Read Nicole Jansen’s chapter to learn:

  • How to overcome an internal dialog of not feeling good enough
  • Practical advice on how to change your focus, how to change your words, and how to change your state of mind

Chapter 9: I am not the Same Woman Anymore by Aline Yska Chapter Summary:

Read Aline Yska’s chapter to learn:

  • Read Aline Yska’s chapter on how she overcame domestic abuse
  • See how Aline is using her experiences to help others
  • Read how Aline became a life coach

Chapter 10: Unleashing your Inner SuperWoman by Char Murphy Chapter Summary:

In this chapter, a person will learn the following:

  • Find out how to unleash your inner superwomen
  • Char’s input on how you too can also achieve your dreams
  • See Char’s journey as she overcame breast cancer
  • Read Char’s journey of becoming an attorney

Chapter 11: “Log Kya Kahenge?” (What Will People Think”) by Sarika Bhakta, CDE Chapter Summary:

In this chapter, expect to learn:

  • The importance of practicing self-care
  • How to embrace diversity
  • Learn how Sarika achieved success in her chapter

Chapter 12: How I Rekindled my Spark and Ignited my Flame of Empowerment by Lynnis Woods-Mullins Chapter Summary:

Expect to learn the following from Lynnis Woods-Mullins’s chapter:

  • Read Lynnis’s experience with loss and grief
  • See how Lynnis is empowering other women who are also in mid-life
  • Read for practical tips in self-care

Chapter 13: Learning to be Bold by Amy C. Waninger Chapter Summary:

Learn the following from Amy’s chapter:

  • See how the ability to learn is a powerful trait
  • Read Amy’s journey in business
  • Read more for tips such as don’t be afraid to be bold

Chapter 14: Living my Best Life by Cherie Faus-Smith Chapter Summary:

In this chapter, expect to learn the following:

  • Read Cherie’s story of overcoming domestic abuse
  • Read more on what Cherie is doing now as she helps other women

Chapter 15: My Life’s Journey and Lessons by Jonamay Lambert Chapter Summary

Learn the following from this chapter:

  • See how Jonamay learned the importance of accountability, adaptability, and the importance of being a risk-taker
  • Read more on Jonamay’s resilience and her journey in business

Chapter 16 by Jeanny Chai Chapter Summary:

Jeanny Chai wrote the following in her chapter:

  • Her experience with childhood abuse
  • See how Jeanny learned how to follow her purpose in life instead of what her parents desired for her
  • See what Jeanny is doing now to help other Asian American women
  • Read Jeanny’s chapter on how to experience more success