Keynote speakers are people who are experts in their field. There have been many inspirational keynote speakers who have hosted dynamic presentations that have stuck with listeners forever. In fact, women have delivered some of the most powerful keynotes, and we will highlight some of them below. 

Maria Shriver

Maria Shriver is a celebrity known for being a journalist, author, producer, and public figure. She is also a part of the Kennedy Family and was previously the First Lady of California. She began her career in journalism at a young age and eventually worked her way up to work for CBS Morning News. Maria is very interested in the effort to help end poverty, primarily throughout California. She also is a massive advocate for women’s rights and equality. In 2003, she created The Women’s Conference, an annual event to encourage women to be vessels for change. She has had many other famous people come to the event and present as guest speakers. Some of the past guest speakers include Billie Jean King, the Dalai Llama, and Justice Sandra Day O’Connor.

Oprah Winfrey

Oprah Winfrey is a legendary TV show host, actress, and journalist. She is known for being incredibly inspirational, and many of her interviewees have noted that she is straightforward to talk to. Oprah has had a hard life ever since she was a child, and it is motivational to people everywhere to watch what she had become even when the odds were against her. Some of her most notable traits as a television personality include having powerful emotion; she uses her personal stories of hardship to connect to others. Her connection with her audience is astounding; she can make people feel welcome and familiar even if hundreds of others are around. 

Arianna Huffington

Born in Athens, Greece, Ariana is a highly influential woman known for being a Greek/American commentator and author and creating the website “The Huffington Post.” Her father was a Greek newspaper owner, and Ariana went on to study economics at the University of Cambridge. After marrying politician Mike Huffington, Ariana began her journalistic and political career as a republican. She has contributed to the National Review and covered the 1996 presidential election on Comedy Central. As Ariana’s views started to shift left, she began to get involved in progressive actions such as fighting against climate change and protesting against civil war involvements.