It is often said that every long journey begins with the first small steps. And today is exactly your first step. That step is to believe in the miracle of creation, to believe in the most powerful law of the Universe. “I always live in the Law of Attraction” Did you know that you have lived & applied the Law of Attraction throughout your life, there is not a single moment you did not live in it. You use it for both what you want and what you don’t want. Every person, every event, every case comes to you every day through the Law of Attraction.

“A man is but the product of his thoughts what he thinks, he becomes.”

2. Limited words to avoid
You can limit yourself to stories that you create yourself. Here are some simple examples of stories that you create yourself, and they’ll get you limited:
“I’m not good at math. I can never dance. I am not a good writer. I am very stubborn. I could not sleep well. I am very capricious. I always struggled with the weight problem. My English is not good. I am always late. I drive very badly. I cannot look without glasses. I hardly make friends. Money just slipped out of my hands. “
The moment you realize what you’re saying, you can also erase these claims and rewrite your story!

3: What is your true self?
Here are the exact descriptions about you:

I am perfect.
I am sustainable.

I am strong.

I am loving.

I am in harmony.

I’m happy.

Do you need to add anything else?

4: Grateful about what you currently have!
Be constantly aware of more and more of all the wonders of your life. Feel grateful to those who have brought you so many good things through their research and inventions, thanks to them that made your life much easier.
Did you take a shower this morning? Do you use electricity? How do you go to work? By car, submarine, bus or do you walk in your shoes? Do you buy coffee, listen to the radio, make a call with your cell phone, or take the elevator?
Every day, in your life, you use a lot of human inventions. Are you thinking that it is self-evident to have them or are you expressing gratitude to them? We are so happy – truly so.

5: Basic practice steps to help you start mastering and applying the Law of Attraction
In order to apply the Law of Attraction proactively, you need to learn how to master your thoughts so that you can control the thought of what you want. To practice the visualization arts, start by recreating everything that happened in your day.
Choose a great setting or moment during the day, and recreate that scene in your mind.
Imagine the image of the place, the people, the sounds, the colors, the words that were spoken, and all the other details in that scene, all reflected in the mind. your mind. This is a very effective way to improve your imagination, and at the same time, you are also drawing more wonderful scenes to your life.

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