Shanekia Bing is the founder and owner of Sheshesworld LLC and Alirra Hair Care Products. As a hairdresser, she believes that she is in an ideal position where she can empower individuals on self-love, teach them how to overcome their past, fear, and pain, and even give them a great foundation of understanding of who they are. 

It is this positivity and faith that helps Shanekia rise above others in the industry. Most importantly, it is what helps her deal with the stress and obstacles in life. 

Creating Her Own Space

Whenever Shanekia feels that stress is catching up to her and she’s near burning out, she creates a safe space for herself where she can find peace and security. 

“I love to turn my house into a praise and worship sanctuary. I turn the main television on the gospel music channel, I light my candles around the house, and focus or I find myself journaling my thoughts. I love my space because it’s isolated. It’s peaceful there,” she said.

She added that she also steers clear from things and people that are toxic because she doesn’t want them to attach to her and drain her. She finds great peace in knowing the importance of having peace. 

Seeing Obstacles in a New Light 

Because obstacles and challenges are inevitable in life, Shanekia has learned how to see them from a different perspective and understand them for what they are. 

“I look for understanding in situations that come about. If I cannot stop it, why should I worry about it? I speak my peace and leave it there,” she said. “I had to grow through a process to have clarity for the opportunity of understanding obstacles. They are tests and inspiration at the same time. It’s all about how you see the situation. It’s a process to be able to grow through an obstacle or situation and become whole as you overcome it.” 

Building Others Up 

Should she be put in a position wherein she would provide someone with advice, Shanekia said that she will first analyze their behavior and their stance in the right state of mind, and say a silent prayer as she’s listening to them. 

After they finished speaking, the hairdresser would tell them how they are loved, that they matter, and situations come to test us for bigger blessings.

“I love to encourage people because it speaks to them right now and later. Building someone up allows them to embrace that understanding that they matter and they can make it,” she said. 

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