How quick are we to judge? How often do you decide to berate or blame yourself?

I am learning to allow myself the practice of non-judgement.

After being asked to create and write a post for an organization (as a volunteer), and reading a harsh criticism from one team member, I found myself wanting to quit, to judge her statement, to judge myself, to judge her. But why?

I decided to sit with my feelings and judgements and chose not to react. This was transformative for me!

As I worked through my thoughts, I came to the realization that this person was not criticizing me directly, that her usual manner of speaking is typically abrupt, that taking this personally was causing me to judge myself and my writing unfairly.

What I now know is this: “The practice of non-judgment means letting go of the automatic judgments that arise in your mind with every experience you have.”

So I’m sitting here in neutral, feeling no attachment to the article, to her criticism, or myself. “When reacting to your judgments, you’re only seeing your interpretation of what’s there. Letting go of those judgments helps you see things as they actually are.”

It also inspires you to write more, to continue with your craft, to recall there will always be critics, and that’s all part of the process.

Quoted content by Patrick Buggy