“Breath Me In,” the new music video from ash.ØK premieres on ThriveGlobal.

Featuring Anna Yvette, who has worked with luminaries like Machine Gun Kelly, Cheryl Cole, Pegboard Nerds, Rootkit, Mr FijiWiji, MUST DIE!, and Bro Safari, the song also slots in vocals from singer-songwriter Rianjali, who a moment ago performed with Shawn Mendes, and has written songs for Bishop Briggs and AR Rahman.

From Pennsylvania, producer ash.ØK, aka Ashok Kailath, hooks up with the crème de le crème to craft remarkably stylish music suffused with dark colors and smooth, captivating melodies. With a sound defiantly difficult to categorize, ash.ØK amalgamates savors of electronic dance, pop, experimental, world music, and progressive rock into creations wholly sui generis.

The music video, directed by Rahi Patel, for “Breathe Me In” narrates a tale from Indian folklore, wherein a demon, ceded the power of life and death, by merely touching the head of his victim turns them to ashes. Finding himself beset by love, beguiled by a beautiful princess, whom he desires to possess as his own, the demon goes to her. The princess, knowing her plight, devises a clever scheme to foil the demon. Challenging the demon to dance, she declares that if he can equal her moves, she will become his. As the dance progresses, the demon, consumed by passion, emulates her every motion. Seeing her chance, she touches her head. Without thinking, carelessly, the demon follows suit, touching his head. He instantly turns to ashes.

“Breathe Me In” opens on eerily emerging synths flowing into a contagiously dark pop melody rife with surging ominous energy. Syncopated percussion and a muscular bass line infuse the tune with a wicked, undulating rhythm, plush but washed in opaque sensuality.

Yvette’s gorgeously dreamy tones weave sonic spells and exsufflations across the soundscape, charged with electrifying timbres and velvety textures. Her voice locks the music down with its residual creamy, gliding dynamics.

“Breathe Me In” is simultaneously mesmeric and gravitational. Portentous rippling colors hypnotize, while Anna Yvette’s lavish voice lures her listener in to an enchanting fate.

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