John Tracy

Singer-songwriter John Tracy premieres the music video for “Love True Just For You” on ThriveGlobal.

Inspired by Tracy’s daughter and the hurdles she confronted in her search for true love, the song brims with Tracy’s upbeat perspective and profound belief in romance. It’s the story of tenacity in a world jaded by fraudulent sensations and transient passion. Keep searching, says Tracy, and you will find true love.

Throughout his career, Tracy’s moving music has expressed the personal need for emotional connection, encouragement, and expectation. Tracy’s music strikes a chord in the human spirit, setting fire to our plea for meaning, tranquility, and faithfulness.

The video, directed by Sam Kempf, was shot in Manhattan, a location pervaded by faceless obscurity as well as emotional allure. As the female lead, Mia Helena, goes through the routine of her day, she encounters a man at the coffee bar. Later, while walking her dog, she literally bumps into him again. Sparks fly and love blossoms. Sporadic cuts to Tracy, playing his guitar and singing on the Brooklyn Bridge, infuse the visuals with an angelic aspect, as if Tracy is Cupid, fostering true love.

“Love True Just For You” opens on an acoustic guitar flavored with pop and soft rock colors. A compelling rhythm enters, accompanied by shimmering guitar accents. On the chorus, the sonic textures coalesce into a coruscating waterfall of sound, gleaming and tender. Cashmere vocal harmonies join Tracy’s slightly raspy tenor. It’s one of those voices that go straight to your heart, animating it with fluttering possibilities of what’s to come.

Simple, yet moving, the lyrics narrate the universal human desire for absolute love.

“You’ve been searching / For that life-long love / There’s no rehearsing / How it decides to show up / You want … love / Love true / It’s waiting / Just for you / Love true / Just for you.”

“Love True Just For You” is a marvelous love song, charming, inspiring, and expressive of real life.

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